Friday Fun Fact

Evening folks!

This is the random Friday Fun fact!

I love that my kids are both old enough now that we can all watch a comedy show and laugh our asses off. Our new favorite comic right now is:

Gabriel is absolutely bang on hilarious!!!!

Until later!

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Two Things Thursday

1. Headaches are a nightmare when you’re on meds already. I can’t take extra, and what I do take is meant for other pain. I’m spending the night in my pj’s because of it.

2. I love the little moments with Thing2 when we end up peeling in laughter. As she grows up, we laugh about different things, and she’s not a ‘huger’ but when laugh together…’s like a thousand hugs at once.

Until later.

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WI Wednesday: it’s the little things


Good evening folks.

Well, I can say I’m pretty stoked about my WI this week. I think the fear of gaining back all that I lost was total motivation. The result: I was down 1.8 this week!

It’s the little things.

That’s what this weeks meeting was about. The little things.

When you look at your journey as a big picture, it can be totally overwhelming. Makes it hard to look at, own up to and decide how to get into it.

But if you take it as one small change. Just one.

Change: I will do 5 squats just as I got out of bed.

That you can manage, that won’t stop your breath in its tracks. Add one extra glass do water to your day. That’s a little thing.

I feel there are times when I will never get through the journey. I am looking to take bigger chunks out of this journey.

However, I see the wisdom in the smaller steps. I have no choice but to deal in small steps these days; and I’m ok with that.

This weeks focus will be the little things, and how the little things add up quickly.

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

Good evening,

I’m relaxing on the couch, drinking a cup of tea and having a snack (breton crackers and laughing cow cheese) watching Extreme Weight Loss.

Today I made progress.

It was measured as .2 of a mile, but it was progress.

I worked today a four hour back to work shift. It was Chq day, and we were busy. Sadly, because it was muggy inside I felt my chest was constricted more than usual. It was frustrating.

However, I ate some lunch, changed my clothes, and headed to Goodlife for a little jaunt on the treadmill!

Today, I didn’t use the women’s only section. I stayed in the co-ed section. I put on my iPod and off I went. I walked two miles this time in the same time I walked 1.87 the last time.


Until later.

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One Monday Meal

Thought I’d try something new for Monday! Simple picture and description of one thing I ate on Monday! Please feel free to comment and share one back!

Tonight is Breton Gluten Free with Flax crackers, Kraft Chocolate Peanut butter, and David’s tea Root Beer Float (iced) and my ever present water in an always changing mug.


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Sunday Confessional: when is pain not pain


The above picture ‘looks’ painful, but it’s not.

Confession: I live with pain everyday now.

I have been, this past couple of weeks, forgetful about my afternoon doses of my pain meds. Now, I’m no longer on heavy narcotics, but 3 times a day I take one regular, one extra strength and one Tylenol 3.

It doesn’t take the discomfort away, but it turns generally painful when I miss a dose.

However, I don’t know if I’m supposed to be feeling this way. Deep breaths are awkward, sneezing and coughing are still uncomfortable. I’m not feeling out of breath ever or that my breathing is laboured. Just this general state of being uncomfortable.

I went back to the gym last week, and walking on the treadmill was fine, and when I did the bodyvive class, I was worried. I got through it well, my face was beet red and I’m sure my heart rate was sky high (mental note: wear my HRM next time) but 5 minutes later and my breathing was under control and I felt fine.

Can my body really still be recovering from the trauma from May? I still can’t process when people are surprised that I’m as up and about as I am. They are dumbfounded when I tell them I’m on my gradual back to work plan.

What happens when the Tylenol3’s stop? I only have a week or so supply left, and then my Dr says to control the pain with regular Tylenol.

Will I be left feeling this way forever? Is this the new normal that I’ve signed up for?

Right now, as I type this, I’m getting ready to take my meds, after having missed my afternoon doses. From my neck to my belly button and around my upper shoulders and back feel tense and tight and uncomfortable.
But, should I be describing it as pain?

Pain to me was getting out of bed for the first time post surgery. Pain to me was having chest tubes removed, or sneezing with stitches still in. What I am feeling now is nothing close to that, but it’s still not my normal.

I don’t want to be running to the Dr every time I feel an ache or ‘pain’, but should I be more cautious after my experience.

AAARRRGGHHH!!! I can drive myself nuts with this!

I wish I had something to go on, some guideline I could follow. That’d be great! For now, I’m going to take my meds and go to sleep!

Until later

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My Saturday in Pictures

How I start every day now. I’m excited for the day I won’t need the regimen anymore!

First stop: SLOC application for Thing1

Then, since we had no kids, we took off to Mic Mac mall for lunch. This place is always packed!

First stop: David’s Tea to replace my broken mug and get some new tea to try!! Root beer float!

Then got some awesome deals for my upcoming birthday!

Oh wait!! I wasn’t done with the tea! We bought this steeper to make iced tea with their new Magic Dragon tea mix!! Even hubby was excited about it!

Found some yummy almond flavours to try! However, I’m finding out that the US has way more! The next time a friend goes, I will have to get them to look for me!

Now, hubby’s cooking supper and just the two of us are enjoying some quiet time together!

Until later!

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Friday Fun Facts


Our cat is smarter than we thought!

We have been using two baby gates to keep our cat (pictured above, in a less active pose) from clawing our new couch and chair to bits.

The last two nights the bottom gate has been in shambles, and he’s sleeping in one of the kids rooms.
Last night we caught him in the act of being smarter than ever. There he was pressed up against the gate, his paw through one of the diamond shape holes, and he was PULLING it towards him.

The gate didn’t stand a chance.

We are now formulating a new plan of action…..before he sets his sights on world domination.

….now I return you to your regular Friday night activity!

Until later!

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Two Things Thursday

I love my bondi-bands!! They stay in place and kept ALL my sweat away!!

I will miss these moments when they’re growed up!!

PS: the first picture is after my second Bodyvive class!! Loved it!!

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WI Wednesday: owning the truth

Tonight I owned up to what’s happened.

I updated My Fitnesspal and my WW app.

I am battling my worst fear. The weight I lost during the first part of my recovery is coming back.

I’ve gained half it back.

There. I said it.

Now what? Do I curl up in a ball and give up? I considered it.

However, I know that I can do this. I know I’m determined and now I need the focus back. Tell me, have you seen it?

It’s like I’m stick on this tightrope, trying desperately to stay on the right path between getting back to my activity and the frustration that I’m not back to where is was.
The issue is, how do I combat the food/activity tightrope walk and win?

For now I will focus on my good points from last week:
I got back to work
I went to the gym twice!
I got back to drinking my water (a constant annoying struggle)

My focus next week will be:
Get my water in
Get to the gym at least three times.
Focus on better food choices.

I do not want to disappoint anyone, and this gain has me embarrassed.
I just have to move on, and work hard on my focus.

Until later

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