One Meal Monday

Tonight’s supper, homemade goulash made by my darling husband!!


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Sunday Confessional: recharge

Confession: nothing makes me smile quicker than hearing that lite boy call me ‘Auntie’

It’s no secret that my life recently has been slightly more than stressful. However, just a few hours with my Sissy and her family and mine all bowling was enough to melt that stress away.

Confession: I wasn’t looking forward to another year of driving into Sunday School , until I got there and spent time with a few girlfriends.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer, and laughter and the fear of snakes hahaha. It was a lovely evening spent in the company of friends, and will be something to look forward to as each Sunday comes.

I cherish my time with Nate (although it was the first time I couldn’t get him to do a Nate/Nic selfie, cause he’s growing up) and I cherish time with my friends.

Without them I would, I’m sure, be in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth muttering ‘can’t sleep; clown’ll eat me’

True story.

Until later.

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My Saturday in Pictures

My plans today involved these sheep and the lack of getting dressed in real clothes.

Then I made the unilateral choice to have dessert….for breakfast.

The cat was doing his best impression of my floor rug.

That was until he heard the manual can opener getting picked up. As his human, I was required to share the leftovers in the can.

Decided to sit down and watch a movie. Based in Newfoundland, the movie was awesome!

Getting ready for tea and Dr Who!!

Until later.

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Friday Fun Fact

Every Friday at work we all are asked to wear green to promote TD. I have taken this to the extreme, I drive a green car. However, I also find myself drawn to green colors of clothes. This is my newest green apparel win (please note that it has gold glittery thread all through it) :


Enjoy your Friday!!!!

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Two Things Thursday

1. I brought this out of the shadows today. Mom gave it to me ages ago, and I just never seem to find an important enough reason to wear it. Today I said too bad it’s a great day: wear the damn ring!!


2. I bought a new scarf to wear on Fridays!!! You will get a picture tomorrow. I know. Ooooooo the suspense; right?

Until later.

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Wednesday Wisdoms

This week I am dealing the one part of my new reality that really does suck beyond the telling.

This is about to be an overshare, but I’ve never wanted to sugar coat my journey through recovery.

As most of you know, I’m currently living my life on warfarin. In the past six weeks I have been walking a fine line. My INR (which needs to be between 2 and 4 at all times) has been way too low. 1.2 and 1.6. My doctor is stymied by it.
I’ve given up all the stupid foods with lots of potassium, ( bananas, apricots, and every tasty green veggie on earth) and just managed at this third bi-weekly blood draw to get it up to 2.6. Since June I’ve gone from 2.5 mg to 4mg of warfarin, all to combat the ‘possibility’ of a future blood clot.

Ok, so that seems bit whiny, it’s keepin my ass alive, and I’m grateful, but there’s just one little thing about the warfarin I hate. And it only happens once a month.

Having a regular period while on blood thinners, the experience can be just as fun as a slow painful death by spider bites.
I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Also, what used to be a ‘barely there’ period has become me living in fear of sneezing or coughing or laughing or bracing myself in anyway.

I can’t go to the gym, I just have zero energy. It’s not an excuse, because I’m missing it, but I really can’t seem to get out of my own way. Today, I didn’t work until one, but I had to leave early so I wasn’t tempted to go back to bed.

Hopefully, I will be back to myself by Monday, but the duration has become drawn out as well. What used to be about five days can sometimes stretch longer.

All gross…..but all very true.

So, this week I will focus on drinking all my water, watching my junky food intake and generally just giving myself a break.

Oh. Now I want a KitKat.

Nope. Let’s have some tea instead. Haha.

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint


Today I took another BodyCombat class. Today I was one of just a few who had to modify. Today I did what I could.

For the first time in a class: my best was good enough for me.

I am my own worst critic on the best of days, but I always fight the ‘fat girl in the gym’ alarms that ring in my head.
I don’t get it during Zumba, because I’m too busy feeling joy, and that joy is decibels louder then the fat girl.

However, BodyCombat is more of a true workout class, so the fat girl alarm can scream louder than the awesome soundtracks playing during class. The mirrors help echo that voice.

Especially when I happen a glance in those mirrors and everyone is jumping and I am not.

However, today I realized that my own perception was skewed. It dawned on me that although I had to modify I picked up the ‘moves’ quicker than others smaller than me.
I also made a huge effort on my form when I was throwing punches.

The perception is what kills us. Comparison really IS the thief of joy.

So, after class I showered got dressed and changed, then found myself here:


I listened to the water, really really enjoyed needed the cool breeze and enjoyed a quiet moment on the first day of fall.

Today I made a small step in permanently silencing that fat girl alarm forever.

Until later.

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One Meal Monday

I remembered!!! I’ve had a craptastic day, but came home to this yummy meal. Flatout Artisan Flatbread with just a little sauce (I get heartburn from it, so easy I go with it) some turkey pepperoni, lots of veggies, pineapple and low fat cheese. Yummy!!


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Sunday Confessional: on the right path

Confession: Sunday’s are going to change next week.

I have always always gone to Church on Sunday mornings, for as long as I could remember. Mass was never considered on another day.

Until now.

Confession: starting next week I will be attending Mass on Saturday evenings, the 4pm service.


So that my kid doesn’t feel so ‘bookended’ with being in Church. While I was singing with the 9am choir, my commitment was to that Mass. So we got up early every Sunday, but then had to rush supper to get back to Church for Thing2’s Sunday school.
This is her last year of it. Thing2 is in her Confirmation year. So, to keep us both focused and on the right path, the change needed to be made.

Also, my choir has disbanded, so except for the mornings I read, I will be attending the Saturday Mass that will allow Thing2 to sleep in on Sunday and only have to go into town once.

It may be a small change, but in the long run I think it will space things out enough that it won’t seem overwhelming to her. It’s a big year, Confirmation.

Confession: I am sad that my choir disbanded, but I think the pressure is off me now to recover my voice quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss it. It’s my preferred form of worship, but pushing myself to be ‘ok’ sooner rather than later could end up with me shooting myself in the foot.

Current worship song I love to sing in my car:
We Believe by The Newsboys

Until later.

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My Saturday In Pictures

Zumba needed new funky pants and my Zumba shoes!

I’m really learning to like myself in pictures. Pre Zumba shot!

Post Zumba hot mess shot. Today’s class was the most challenging yet. That’s because I really let loose and gave it my all. I was way out of breath for most of it, but I felt strong despite it!!!

I was supposed to meet a friend, but plans fell through, so stopped here to pick up some Popsicles.

On the way home, I noticed just how much Fall is creeping into our lives. Love it.

The cat is unimpressed by me.

By the end of today this paper was about all I could hold 😳 I am feeling my efforts after the last three days of classes. But, it’s that good ache that makes you realize you worked yourself!!

Getting ready for our now regular Saturday night family time with Tea and Dr Who!!!

Until Later.

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