One Meal Monday

We did simple easy sweet and sour meatballs and rice for supper tonight. Made enough for some lunchtime leftovers.

Until later.

PS: headache still kicking my ass :( I think it might be my sinuses, which would suck….a lot if it turns into an infection.

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Sunday Confessional

Confession: I am suffering through a headache like I’ve not had in a long time.

Be back soon

Until later.

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My Saturday with Thing2: in pictures

Still getting used to the phone, waiting for Thing2 in the car.

I love this kid!! Ready for our day.

First stop: MicMac Mall.

Waiting on Thing2 trying on clothes, she already decided on the boots. Forever21 was a big score.

Bringing home some tea for hubby and we stopped for lunch.

We followed me home. Haha. I drive the exact same car. We had a good laugh about it.

Red light selfie fun. Thing2 was holding the phone.

She wants all the ice cream!!

I had an awesome day with Thing2.

Until later.

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Two Things Thursday


My hubby is a proud Dad! That shirt cost him $11. The tuition was a tad bit more, in a famous Buffy line “I bet it was a funny aneurysm”.


I’m officially off Short Term Disability!!! Baby steps in my recovery! Only 4 months until the warfarin goes away and I can lift something heavier than 10lbs.

Until later.

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WI: Gimme a Break


WI result: up 1.2. Stupid TOM

I’m really trying not to let it get me down, because this week is kicking my ass. My periods while on warfarin are brutal. The headaches are worse, the cramping is worse, the flow is awful. The last two of them I wanted to curl up in bed and die a little.

Right now, I’m taking a beating.

However, when it read my WW weekly, it made me smile.

Even WW is telling me to stop and take a moment.

Stress is building at work, and I am leaving a lot up to God right now. However, it’s introducing a lot of unknowns into my life, and that’s what is setting me off.

However, starting tonight, I am taking a big deep breath and starting back to what I know.

For right now, I am starting with Tylenol to get rid one hell of a thunder anger headache.

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint


Been struggling with stress lately, culminating in today’s little melt down about wanting to not deal with the world.

God, seemingly, has a great sense of humor that I found out. I’m not feeling so bad anymore.

I sat down, on my own, to watch the movie God’s Not Dead.

I’m still thinking about the message, but I will recommend everyone see it!

Until later

Until later

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One Meal Monday!

Sorry about last night, the confessional was sidelined by my body telling me it wasn’t getting enough sleep. I crashed.

Tonight’s supper was paired with fresh lemons and limes in my water!


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My Saturday in Pictures

Let’s see, I’m up early, what should I do….

…one must have a bagely breakfast before…

Heading to the gym. I used three machines today, the bike, the eliptical and the treadmill. It was a good time. Want proof….

Sweaty post workout tomato face that I still had when….

I stopped at Sobeys for a couple of things I forgot last night. However, I got a nasty surprise in the car on the way there….

A friggin spider bite. So, I decided to chill for the rest of the day with……

Some reading, crosswords, and water.

Until later!

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Fun Fact Friday

You can set your watch by me :)
Hubby jokes all the time that he could easily stage a kidnapping with how routine my life is.

Truth is: I like it that way.

I have activities planned on most evenings through the week. However, I save the best for last.

My Friday night fun is grocery shopping. Stop laughing.

Ok fine. Laugh a little.

It’s just the best day for me to go. I’m a stickler too. I have my weekly meals planned, and shop for only what’s needed for those meals, plus our regular foods that we are out of.

Yup. I’m just a ball of fun.

I’m now gonna curl up on the couch and watch Dirty Dancing!

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Two Things Thursday

I’ve been exploring the wide world of scarves this week!

In honor of throw back Thursday, this is me and my sister during our step dance lesson days!!

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