My Saturday In Pictures

Zumba needed new funky pants and my Zumba shoes!

I’m really learning to like myself in pictures. Pre Zumba shot!

Post Zumba hot mess shot. Today’s class was the most challenging yet. That’s because I really let loose and gave it my all. I was way out of breath for most of it, but I felt strong despite it!!!

I was supposed to meet a friend, but plans fell through, so stopped here to pick up some Popsicles.

On the way home, I noticed just how much Fall is creeping into our lives. Love it.

The cat is unimpressed by me.

By the end of today this paper was about all I could hold 😳 I am feeling my efforts after the last three days of classes. But, it’s that good ache that makes you realize you worked yourself!!

Getting ready for our now regular Saturday night family time with Tea and Dr Who!!!

Until Later.

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Friday Fun Fact

Before: a little nervous before my first BodyCombat class


After: had to modify a LOT but I got through the whole class….and I’m going to go again!!!!


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Two Things Thursday

Howdy all!

1. Embarrassing moment #1 at the gym today. Let’s just say I had to run to Giant Tiger to buy undies. Lesson learned: never forget your ‘after the workout’ undies when you have to go to work!! Hahaha!!M

2. How awesome is Yes We Cran tea from David’s Tea! I mean it smells like fall in my house right now!!!


I wish you could smell it!

Until later.

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Wednesday Wisdoms

Hello friends!
What does your success story look like?
Have you ever tried to picture it, sights sounds, people around you.
I will admit that I’ve tried, and there are days when I can see it more clearly than others.
I had a bit of an epiphany at my meeting tonight.

I was told that I am already my own success story.

Wow eh?!

I may not be at my weight goal, and my road may seem long and arduous, but I am doing things now that I never thought I could/would/should.
Three years ago, I would never have believed I would run a 5k. Or raise over $1500 and train and complete a 10k with Team in Training. Or take Zumba classes, or the Body Combat class I am about to take this Friday.

That, is success.

It’s only part of the success in my ultimate story, but it’s a definite thing to celebrate.


Here’s to my success story, already in progress!

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

Hey friends!

I have a guilty pleasure. It’s TLC and some of their TV shows!
No. Not Honey Boo Boo.
Never that.

I’m fascinated by the different families. The Duggars, The Kleins, The Roloffs, and The Browns.
They are all the families I love to watch. I love how all wonderfully different, and interesting they are. Some more controversial than others, but all in all lovely people.

I read some of the comments online about these families, and the negative tint they have. My take on it all:

God has not put me on this earth to be anyone’s judge. Quite frankly, if I lived near any of them, I’d like to think I’d be friends with them.
They are sweet families who aren’t spreading negativity and who are making their way in the world raising amazing kids….

That’s all you can ask for.

Until later.

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One Meal Monday


I sadly can only show you the book because I ate the food with my mouth and it was soooo good!!!! By the time I remembered the picture, it was too late.

Until later.

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Sunday Confessional: release the happy

Confession: who knew that a kids movie would be so profound.

364 days from today I will hopefully definitely be writing a recap of walking my first half marathon.

Until then I need to focus on the things that make me successful now.
In the famous words of Will the Krill from Happy Feet2 I’m going to spend the year finding things that “release my happy”
I can really get negative when it comes to my recovery. Again this morning, for example, being asked to sing in Church. My breathing is NO where it needs to be to singing near a microphone. However, when I’m asked I feel bad that I say no. Then I get frustrated that I’m not ready. Why is this one thing so slow and hard to deal with?

But, then on the drive home Thing2 and I had a blast seat dancing to All About the Bass. That was releasing my happy. I don’t release my happy enough anymore.

Confession: I was a bit of a two year old about things on Saturday.

I knew that I couldn’t be at the event because instead of being joyful about the others, my selfish mind would only be thinking of what I was supposed to be doing.

Confession: I know that it’s shallow and awful. But it’s also my truth.

So in order to release my happy I am going to train like a crazy person for this half marathon. I am choosing to look at it in miles, since 13 miles sounds a whole lot less than 21 kilometres.

I will be signing up for Maritime Race Weekend 2015 as soon as registration starts. To top it all off, I’m going to sign up for the Tartan Twosome. So, Friday night I will walk 5k and then Saturday morning I will conquer the distance that evaded me this year. Anyone brave enough to do this with me????

I read online that a fit person can walk a half in around 4hrs, so that is going to be my goal.

Dance Song today: God’s Not Dead by The Newsboys

Until later.

See, there’s some happy there!

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My Saturday in Pictures

What a glorious morning, not a cloud on the sky.

Just a preview of a treat for the family tomorrow!!

Today was supposed to be the day I walked a half marathon, but goals change so….

…me and my dimples and bright red tomato face KILLED a Zumba class!!

Then to Sobey’s for the pick up of the ‘odds and sods’ I forgot last night.

No kids! Means date night with the hubby!!

…where I cannot confirm not deny the eating of this pie with my own mouth ;) all witnesses have been silenced.

Now to watch Dr Who with Thing2 while checking out some awesome gear to help me on my fit journey!!!

Until later.

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Friday Fun Fact


Aside from reading the cookbook and watching an awesome movie, I spent the night pre-portioning snack foods I bought during groceries. Had I not, one serving can easily change to eight!

There are certain foods I know couldn’t give up, but that I also had to completely control. Those are the ones I make the effort for: they are worth it!

Until later!

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Two Things Thursday

Even two hours passed since Zumba, and look how flushed tomato face red I am!!! But….it was AWESOME!!!!

How can you not love him. #catlove

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