Wednesday Wisdoms: can you fake it?

How many things can you fake?

We fake interest in things, we fake being happy for people when we’re truly not. Women can fake things to keep their partners happy.

Can you fake motivation? Can you fake will power? Is there a way to fake your way through your health journey until ultimately your fake becomes your truth?

Can you really “fake it til you make it”??

Right at this moment, this week, I feel I’m just going through the motions. My ultimate goal is to survive until the end of the week. I look happy and I seem that everything’s right with the world. So, yes I guess I can fake something’s.

There will have to come a time when I stop trying to fake everything and bring my own truth. I CAN do this. I WILL do this.

For now, I just want to get to next Monday!

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

I know there are going to be times during my recovery that I feel like I’m backsliding or that I’m not progressing.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the effects of blood thinners once a month.
Is there a vitamin or supplement I can take so that I don’t feel so run down?
It’s like there isn’t enough sleep in the world to help. I don’t want to work against the blood thinner either. So, the solution cannot counteract what I’m trying to accomplish.

Of course, when feeling this way, and dealing with public for your job, you have to find your happy place. Today my happy place was…


…being curled up in bed with him!

I only have a few months left, but anything to help would be great! Even a meditation or breathing technique to revive a girl would be outstanding!

Until later.

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One Meal Monday

I refused to take a picture of funeral food. It’s sad food. And it’s mostly sweets. However, haha, I was so hungry I finished my leftovers before I remembered my picture. So, that’s my empty plate with my ever present water jug and my meds. Sorry, I will try to jazz it up next week 😄


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Sunday Confessional: the Causeway Effect

Confession: I haven’t lived in Cape Breton for over thirty years, but I still consider it ‘going down home’ when I visit.

There is something about that Island. That island holds my past, it was where I did all my growing up. It’s where a grand majority of my amazing family live. From my Dads side in Sydney to my Moms in NewWaterford all the way to Inverness and my Great Grandpa.

When I’m there it’s like I’m six again. I love visiting all my Aunties and Uncles and seeing all the cousins. It doesn’t matter that no matter where you go it involves driving in a car.

As soon as I cross the Causeway I get my Caper accent back. Mom and Dad become Ma and Da. I love it.

In Cape Breton is everything I hold dear from my past. I was heartbroken to see the site where St Agnes used to be. The Church I had my First Communion in. I understood why, but still. I saw the house I grew up in and my best friends house next door ( where her parents still live).

I still remember that the Bayside has the best fries, and the Tasty Freeze has the best soft serve ice cream. The Grand Lake Rd fire department is still full of volunteers who are family.

Confession: I miss it. I do wish I got home more.

The mitt shaped island at the ‘top’ of NS is down home for me. Always and forever.

Until later.

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My Saturday in Pictures: a midweek road trip

Sorry I haven’t been around. Midweek travels to CB to say goodbye to my Uncle and home again quick for the wake and funeral of my Hubby’s Grandpa has resulted in me being exhausted and no blogging for a few days. Here’s some pics from my trip. All pics taken from the car. We didn’t have time to stop haha.
The only picture with people is my Uncle Gary on the day my son was born. He came up that day. I miss him. He was an amazing man.











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Wednesday Wisdoms


Made it to Cape Breton safely. I will never complain about the two small bridges in Halifax again. This bridge is half the width.

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint


I leave tomorrow for Cape Breton, but today was about routines.
Routine bi-weekly trip for bloodwork. I really really didn’t want to go to the gym.
But I did.

Thanks routine!

I am actually missing it now when I don’t get to go. So, in my suitcase are work out clothes. My sister and I plan to walk each day we’re there.

Today’s picture was a big win for me: most distance in the same amount of time!

I may or may not post between now and Sunday. I will try.

Until later.

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One meal Monday

Nothing says Thanksgiving more than the annual next day hot turkey sandwich leftover feast! It’s probably why we only eat Turkey twice a year! Haha.


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Sunday Confessional: the art of giving thanks

Confession: I’ve said thank you a lot since May.

As we sat down to supper tonight and I looked around at my kids, the hubby, the in laws and the girlfriend of the kid I realized that this Thanksgiving is perfect.

We say thank you every single day. Whether it be for being handed a tissue by your hubby, or when you thank the Starbucks barista for your latte.

Confession: I think that the art of thanks has become almost a knee jerk reaction.

So, does that mean that it starts to lose its impact?

For me, thanks this year was very important. There were times when all I could do was say thank you.

Thanks this year was for every prayer said for me. Thanks was for every gift given. Thanks this year was simply this:

It was my thanks for all of you who helped me stay alive.

The meal was tasty and laughs were had, slightly marred by the passing of an amazing man. But thanks were given for the simple fact that I am here to give thanks.

To give thanks everyday I wake up, take a breath and start my day.

I am truly grateful because I know I am blessed beyond the simple art of thank you’s.

Until later.

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My Saturday in Pictures

On a crisp Fall morning I found out my dear Uncle passed away in his sleep. It was a sad moment. Huntington’s disease is a horrible disease, and he carried himself with grace until he was given the grace of going home to heaven.

So, I took a breath and honoured him by keeping myself healthy.

Still chilly means long pants at Zumba.

Now totally regretting those long pants. Haha.

This is what I came home to.

Then he was my hero and pumped some gas for me.

Then we may have stopped here to buy two movies.

Then this happened. I was deciding on violence but the hubby talked me down. Thanksgiving weekend mayhem.

Now we’re watching some HP and getting ready for Dr Who.

Blogging will be sporadic next week as I travel home to Cape Breton to say goodbye to Uncle Gary.

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