Two Things Thursday

Found this sweater at the back of my closet. Thought, what the hell.

2. Made my first pulled pork tonight. It was very yummy!!! The kids and the hubby were all impressed. It was easy, only four ingredients. Pork tenderloin, a can of root beer, some of our favourite bbq sauce and the buns. Done on the crock pot, and boom. Pulled pork.

Until later.

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Wednesday Wisdoms


Can you imagine? Can you see yourself at your happy weight?

There was a great exercise in this weeks weight watchers pamphlet. The questions asked, were to help you see yourself at the end of your health journey. Scratch that, not the end but getting ready for the next chapter.

I am trying very hard to work through that booklet and when I’m done I will share it with you.

Until later

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Tuesday Touchpoint: Day and Night-Night and Day

I really didn’t even know there was a difference between night and day.

Okay stop laughing and I will explain.

People ask the question all the time: when is the best time to work out? Usually the ‘expert’ will tell you that it’s whenever is best for you. Today I tested that theory.

Currently, my husband is pulling 14 hour days and it’s starting to show it’s wear. Thing1 gets up at 4am every morning to drive hubby to work then comes home and sleeps for an hour, gets up gets ready and heads back into town for school. If Thing1 needs to work, then I’m called on to pick up the hubs.

Tonight was one of those nights. I decided to forgo my morning walk in order to pass the time in town until it was time to pick him up.

Mistake. Epic mistake.

It was the worst 30minutes of torture in my life. My back hurt from minute one. No matter how fast or slow I went. I didn’t have one moment when I wasn’t feeling tremendous back pain. I know, now, that because I sit at a desk all day and if it’s not busy for me running around I end up in one position. Instant back pain when trying to get my walk on.

I was ready to quit after five minutes. I suffered through 30.

I will do my walk in the AM when my body is rested and relaxed and ready to take on the speeds I like to walk to get my furthest distance in my time period.

Lesson officially learned.

Until later.

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One Meal Monday


Homemade chicken soup!! It was amazing!!!!
Thing2 said she loved it, except for the onions, mushrooms and celery. Hahaha!!! Can’t please her, she’s a plain Jane!!

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Sunday Confession: view from the rear view


Confession: most things seem less scary when you’re looking at them from your rear view mirror.

I have always hated the bridge in this picture. It’s a small bridge width wise, when it’s windy you can see the bridge sway in front of you. I used to need meds to get over it.
However, once I was across it, I never thought it was a big deal. I was lying to myself. It was a big deal.

I like to joke about my surgery when I talk about it. I down play it, I make light when I can. I try to make it no big deal. But it was one.

I’m looking at it through a rear view, and trying not to focus on it. However, every time I sneeze or take a relaxed deep breath or try to sing in Church; it’s my wake up call. I’m still on the middle of the bridge.

Confession: I want off the bridge.

I want to wake up and not feel any ‘residual’ pain from my surgeries. I want to see no one start to talk to me, and watch their eyes quickly focus on the scar, then look at me with judgement.
Until I get my first ‘normal’ day, it’s never going to feel like it’s in the rear view.

For now, I’m buckled up and taking on everyday as it comes.

Until later.

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My Saturday in Pictures

What should I do today? I think I will do a little everything.

It takes a pretty awesome girl to match her favorite My Little Pony glass to hubby’s car.

See that face. There’s #joy in that expression. Just past the tomato red color. That is the face of someone who was in her element today. #iamadancer

I work for a bank, so immediately you know I can never remember to do my banking before leaving work. So, just means I stop in another branch and say hi to some friends!

Happy Halloween free comics from Giant Robot Comix! I scored a Scooby Doo and a My Little Pony!!

Ran into my Father in Law at the gas station. Then he appears in my rear view….he followed me home! 😄 he lives five doors down from me.

Both cars gone, what’s a girl to do? Well watch The Goonies of course!

A rare Thing1 sighting! We’re getting ready to watch Dr Who.

Until later.

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Two Things Thursday

1. I find, as I get older, that I have less and less patience for other people’s kids when they are clearly defiant to their own parents. I know I wasn’t raised like that, and I sure as hell know my kids did not sass me in public. I tend to watch the parent and I do realize there is another side of the sass I don’t know. However, when a child goes running through the Walmart screaming Ma ma ma and then cusses at the top of his lungs, I really just want to shove a bar of soap in it. On second thought, maybe my first mistake was going to Walmart?

2. Some food for thought…..

However, like most people I hope my narrative’s voice is Morgan Freeman!

Until later!

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Wednesday Wisdoms: can you fake it?

How many things can you fake?

We fake interest in things, we fake being happy for people when we’re truly not. Women can fake things to keep their partners happy.

Can you fake motivation? Can you fake will power? Is there a way to fake your way through your health journey until ultimately your fake becomes your truth?

Can you really “fake it til you make it”??

Right at this moment, this week, I feel I’m just going through the motions. My ultimate goal is to survive until the end of the week. I look happy and I seem that everything’s right with the world. So, yes I guess I can fake something’s.

There will have to come a time when I stop trying to fake everything and bring my own truth. I CAN do this. I WILL do this.

For now, I just want to get to next Monday!

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

I know there are going to be times during my recovery that I feel like I’m backsliding or that I’m not progressing.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the effects of blood thinners once a month.
Is there a vitamin or supplement I can take so that I don’t feel so run down?
It’s like there isn’t enough sleep in the world to help. I don’t want to work against the blood thinner either. So, the solution cannot counteract what I’m trying to accomplish.

Of course, when feeling this way, and dealing with public for your job, you have to find your happy place. Today my happy place was…


…being curled up in bed with him!

I only have a few months left, but anything to help would be great! Even a meditation or breathing technique to revive a girl would be outstanding!

Until later.

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One Meal Monday

I refused to take a picture of funeral food. It’s sad food. And it’s mostly sweets. However, haha, I was so hungry I finished my leftovers before I remembered my picture. So, that’s my empty plate with my ever present water jug and my meds. Sorry, I will try to jazz it up next week 😄


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