Thursday Recap!

Sorry I didn’t post last night but I wasn’t near wifi and I didn’t get home until one thirty. Thing2 and I went to see Mockingjay Part 1. It was awesome! Here are some pics cause we were goofballs!





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Wednesday Wisdoms: planning 2015


This has been the hardest week of my life. My two weeks of vacation are almost over, yet I spent a majority of it very very sick.

However, I have done some major planning for 2015 during this time as well. With the exception of planning childrens, this is the most planned events I’ve ever set up.

We won’t even start discussing how each of those things are all fitness related. My most recent is pictured above.

Maritime Race Weekend has just finished their third annual race, and is now one of the largest races in Atlantic. I have a special place in my heart for this event.

The inaugural race, I RAN my first 5k distance.
The second year, I walked my longest distance race, the 10k.
This year SHOULD have been my first Tartan Twosome. (Two races, two days)

Yup, that pesky life threatening, near death experience this year sidetracked my three peat of this race.

Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is; and I signed up.

My first Tartan Twosome is set. 5k on Friday night, 10k on Saturday.

This will be the cherry on the sundae of my 2015 comeback trail!

There is just something exciting about planning cool fitness goals.
Makes me feel pretty bad ass.

Oh yeah, no WI tonight, still self quarantined. No one else should have to suffer.

Until later.

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One Meal Monday

There is one meal I love above all else. Leftovers.
There are foods that honestly taste better re-heated the following day. Yes. That is a My Little Pony cup. I have three. Not ashamed at all. 😋


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Sunday Confessional: where’s your head at


Confession: I’ve been sick for days. I’m frustrated by it.

However, it’s time to use my second week of vacation to recover fully. I think that the picture I shared here says it perfectly. I got it from Prevention magazine’s Facebook page.
Tomorrow when I get up I am going to set one intention. Then I’m going to try very hard to make the most of my 24hrs.

When I’m sick, I tend to say f%*k it. I feed my colds and fevers. I give less
f%*ks when I’m sick. It does not promote healthy eating. It has just been this evening that I feel somewhat better with something that started on Friday. I will say, I drink way more water when I’m sick, because it’s usually the only thing I feel like eating.

So, what will your intention be tomorrow?

Make the most of the next 24hrs

Until later.

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My Saturday in a Picture

This is my whole day in a nutshell, my view from the couch.


Oy. Being sick sucks. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this sick.

Until later.

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Friday Fun Fact

I’m in the throes of a horrifying flu (yes, I did get my shot) and even the backs of eyeballs hurt. However, I needed to show you these! My Sissy’s all time favorite movie ever made, ever is A Christmas Story. I happen to love it too. This is what I found and quickly took a picture to text her this afternoon.


That is all. I will just leave you with those.

Until later.

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Two Things Thursday

1. We got Thing2′s grade nine grad photos today. As soon as I get the disc I will show you all. I just marvel at how time passes before my eyes and I’m powerless to stop it. However, knowing how amazing she is makes it ok!


I had a pretty great week off. It has not yet sunk in that I am off for a second week. I feel like I have been away forever. I really do miss my co-workers.


Until later.

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Wednesday Wisdoms


Today I finished my Christmas shopping. Stop cussing me out, haha, I’ve heard lots of it on my facebook page.
I spent a lot of time today in and out of cars, and stores and malls. It felt like forever! I got my steps in, but my left butt cheek (alright maybe my tailbone or hip) is not happy with me.

I didn’t stay for my WW meeting today, and I COULD have skipped it altogether considering my last weeks been nuts.

Nope. Brought a change of pants (I was in jeans and if you’re a ww’er you know you NEVER wear jeans at WI) and I went in a bit early to face the scale.

Glad to say my downward trend is still, well, trendy!! 😛

Today’s book was all about being a fitness sneak. It seems that when it comes to activity that our biggest excuse NOT to do it, is our lack of time.

Why not sneak it in. Doesn’t have to be all 30 or 40 minutes at once.

Can you do squats in the shower while you wash your hair? There’s 5.
Can you walk laps around your kitchen waiting for the water to boil for supper? There’s another 5.
Are you a commercial exerciser? I walk on the spot during commercials. Depending on the show I can about 10 to 15 minutes.

When you sneak it in, it still counts, and you no longer have the convenient excuse of not being able to find the time.

Time is what you make of it. Use it wisely, because you’re only allotted so much on this earth.

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

There is one thing I know for sure:

I know for sure my kids have grown up safe and secure knowing they will never know fear. That is because of the brave men and women who willingly stand up with bravery to protect us.

I will never be able to adequately show my appreciation, so I will simply say this:

Thank you. I remember. Always.

Until later.

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One Meal Monday

This is one of our go to easy peasy lemon squeezy meals. Goulash. Hello no brainer!!


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