Sunday Confessional: the fall

Confession: I fell on ice today. It scared the be jeebus out of me. 

I haven’t had a fall since my surgery until today. I laid on the cold ground for a good long while, taking stock. 

Hands had kitty litter ground into my palms. My jeans were soaked and cold from laying on the ice. There was grit and grime all over my winter coat. 

It felt so very much longer. As I waited for the pain. I took a shallow breath. Then a deeper one. There was the usual pain, but it’s a bit ramped up. 

I can only imagine I will feel worse tomorrow. 

I guess that’s another first post surgery. I don’t want to be nervous walking, but I feel that will make it so. 

For now, I need some ibuprofen and my bed. 

Until later. 

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My Saturday inPictures

My day didn’t go as planned, but it was great and relaxing. 

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Friday Fun Fact

This is what happens when you set our TDI team loose in an all you can eat Suishi place.

Best. Fun. Period. 

Until later. 

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Two Things Thursday

I am SOOO over this winter!!!


I have been sleeping like a rock lately. I mean, it still takes me forever to get to sleep, but once I’m there…..look out!!!!

Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms

I have to tell you I have much respect for those people who work out for hours and hours a day. 

I mean, just finishing an hour of Zumba has me a sweaty hot mess. The most I can do is 2hrs of it. 

I now know I could never be on the Biggest Loser. Haha. They are certifiable. They sign up for torture. 

Is there any real benefit to doing those kinds of workouts?

I’m happy to just do my Zumba three times a week! 😄

Do you workout like that? Why do you like it? 

Until later. 

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Tuesday Touchpoint


It has come to my attention that people, on a whole, do not like the cold. I don’t mind cold. What I mind is awful cold like what we had today. People are just down right nasty when it’s cold. I’m not happy when I’m cold but I don’t find it necessary to permeate nasty to everyone. 

I also don’t like the heat of summer either. So, if it’s not Spring or Summer, I’m not enjoying. 

But I chose to smile and suck it up!

What I WON’T do is ‘brisk isn’t it?’ When it’s cold. That makes me nuts. Just say cold people. Frickin’ bloody cold. 

Tomorrow is Wednesday and it’s supposed to be an ugly weather day. Ugh. More cranky people. 

Choose HAPPY people!!!!!

Until later. 

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One Meal Monday

Nothing says cold night comfort food like tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. Childhood revisited.


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Sunday Confessional: The Sound of Silence

Confession: I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to adoration in my life.

Tonight, I got that opportunity.

For those who don’t know, adoration is when Jesus is present in the altar through the Monsterance. It is a most sacred time, and for Catholics it’s our time to spend in His presence.

Confession: I enjoyed the silence tonight.

I got to sit in the presence of my utmost faith, and read some Psalms. I let my mind focus on the Psalms of thanksgiving. It was wonderful and peaceful and it settled me.

I think we don’t give silence it’s due. There’s something to be said about how just being present in the silence, and what wonderful benefits it has.

As I go through next week, I am going to try and find some silence everyday. It doesn’t have to be hours, just a few minutes can change your day.

Do you treasure the silence?

Until later

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No Pictures This Saturday

Hello friends

This Saturday in pictures was interrupted by an aura followed by a migraine I had to sleep off.

Yup. Weekend ruined by the need to sleep. For five hours this afternoon in order to get rid of a massive migraine.

It’s down to a dull thud now, so I’m going to relax.

Until later.

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Friday Fun Fact


I’m really loving all my new tea flavors from David’s Tea. Tonight’s brew is Red Velvet Cake. Tasty!!!!

If you haven’t tried David’s Tea yet, you really should! You’ll be hooked!!

Until later.

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