My Saturday in Pictures

I was up early…

Had a bag to pack, it’s been a long time coming…

  I have so missed this….
  Then it was off for my Saturday with my Geek Girl flag flying high
  Had to pick up a few stragglers…
  Tried something new…. (Verdict: not for me)
  Then somehow these managed to find a way into my trunk 😍
  Then we took MIL for lunch…
  Did you know today Ild Navy had their flip flops on for a dollar! This is what hubby thought of the line ups…
 Then a quick stop at Chapters for birthday presents 

  Now I’m home and resting and hydrating because I’ve got a headache at the end of a warm day and no water bottle with me until it was too late. 

Until later. 

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Two Things Thursday

  Not only did I leave my keys in hubby’s car and miss Zumba, but I got stuck in three construction stop and go traps. Argh!!!
  But I had some really tasty fresh veg at supper!
Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms: it’s our birthday

  We spent the day visiting my FIL who’s been in hospital for a week, and just had a quiet night at home with a bbq supper. 
It’s the quiet little moments that make me happy. 

Until later. 

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Tuesday Touchpoint 

That moment in your commute when you read there’s an ‘incident’ on the bridge and expect delays. Then realize the delays happened in mid span and you are stopped on the bridge as it bounces up and down. Then there’s your very vivid paranoid mind watching the bridge falling apart and plunging us all into the harbour. 

  Yup, that was me today. I almost lost my mind. 
Until later. 

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One Meal Monday

Oh how I live for fresh cherry season. 

   I love them!!

Until later.  

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Sunday Confessional: It isn’t easy being Epic

Confession: I almost gave up during my walk yesterday. 

  I got up that morning and was pumped. I had a great breakfast, had a great friend pick me up and we were on our way. 
This is my first experience with the Epic series of runs/walks. 

Confession: I was in it for the medals. 

The Epic Canadian event was the first of many in the Epic series. There is a 10k that kicked off at 8am, a 5k (my event) that kicked off at 9:30am. Mixed in there was the Epic Swim (a 5k swim). Sunday brought the Epic Dartmouth Triathon as well as the Epic Kids Tri as well. 

It was very family friendly and it had an awesome vibe for all shapes sizes and abilities. I was also thrilled to run into some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. 

I had known about the race a couple of years ago, but never had the nerve. Until Stacy from Sole Sisters cooked up an awesome incentive of a second finishers medal for have your Sole Sisters shoe bling on 

 It’s a sneaky way to make me get another 5k under my belt. 

Tim Chesnutt (and Stacy’s hubby) runs this whole weekend event. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to meet him but he and Stacy (who I did see) were very busy. I give him kudos for the running of the event, it was spot on. 

 The 5k route was all around Lake Banook. It was a lovely day weather wise (last year everyone almost drowned it rained so heavily). 

Confession: it was in the first 2k that had me wondering if I could do this one. 

In a combination of panic over not wanting to be last and excitement to be doing this, I came around the first corner and onto the hill going to fast. Soon, I was hyperventilating. The. Those thoughts started. The cop probably thinks I’m too unfit to do this. Every person who passed me made me panic more. There was no getting my breathing under control, and I had to stop a second time. Donna was with me through it all talking to me, distracting me 

   However, there was one moment when I literally said out loud to Donna “what was I thinking” I heard some music and voices from behind 
I heard Elle say “just breathe, in through your nose out through your mouth you got this”

Confession: what I didn’t say out loud but was thinking at that moment: my nose isn’t fucking big enough to get air in I need a medic. A cute medic. 

So there we were. The four of us! Elle’s music providing distraction while we made our way up the never ending hill. 

I was never so happy to turn the corner and see the downhill portion. I cried a little (and video bombed Elle) 

From the suspension bridge by the circ to the finish line we lost Elle and Tammi (I believe they answered a nature call) but Donna and I chatted and talked and kept moving (cause if I had stopped moving I would not have started again haha)

The finishers were beginning to walk back to their cars and they were very supportive cheering us on. That’s the one thing I notice at the races I’ve been to, the other competitors are always there with a kind word when you need it most. 

Confession: I am so proud of this race. Because I didn’t give up. And boy did I want to. 

There was post race watermelon and snow cones and they were awesome!!! They had an awesome showcase of vendors including the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. So I got to see my purple family!!!! Which helped me too!!!  

 I really am looking forward to next year and possibly walking the 10k instead. 

Tim and Stacy are an amazing couple and deserve LOTS of praise for organizing events that people come from miles around to compete in and push themselves. 

This weekend: I was EPIC. It wasn’t easy but it was so worth it. 

Until later.  

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My Day in Pictures

Today was the day for being Epic. I will post about the race tomorrow. 

Then met up with a dear pal to walk with me 

Medals were won…

Then it was off to bring my MIL over to visit her hubs in hospital. 


We stayed for a bit and then it was time for groceries. 


But then it happened. The stars aligned and I had cash and they were there 


Then there was some eating….


Now hubby’s cooking supper and my feet are UP on the couch!!!

Watching some shiny vampires….because it drives hubby nuts hahahaha

Until later. 

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Friday Fun Fact

I really didn’t realize the shirts ‘other’ meaning until I took this picture. You should notice it pretty quick. Hahaha. 

Until later.  

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Two Things Thursday

 I wasn’t ready for how exuberant my diet Pepsi would be to see me. Kinda threw me off 

  Shitty quality pic but if I had a gym teacher like this in grade school; I’d be way more athletic. Umm hello sir. 

Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms: on next steps

I didn’t post yesterday because I was hearing all about a dance. I almost didn’t post tonight because I had a full day that ended with ambulances (everyone is ok for now I promise)

This was Thing2 yesterday at her grad dance:

Today I spent the afternoon at her school where she got her end of year awards. 

Tomorrow is a school trip and then it’s over. The chapter closes on her as a junior high student. She is now a high schooler. When did she grow up?

I had a good laugh today at my parents today as they took note on how young the staff looked. I noticed that if I had a gym teacher like the one I saw today, I’d be more athletic today. 

It’s very disconcerting at the passage of time because I feel like I’m still the same age I was when she was born but she seemed to just suddenly become grown. 

Until later. 

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