My Saturday in Pictures

It starts with me and my red nose, hello unwelcome summer cold 

  Up early and planning my shopping 
  Then to make myself feel better I wore the shirt that makes me feel like a geek girl princess 
  Then despite my cold, my day got awesome! I met up with my cousin and her family who I haven’t seen in years. 

  I also love what a beautiful day it turned into 
  Then it was time to ‘walk the in law’ and hubby and I took his parents grocery shopping ( he’s still on the no drive list)
  Watch out! They’re EXTRA soft hahaha
  Surprised at the number of great recipes in this book!
  Now I’m curled up on the couch with my tissues and feeling rotten and watching movies.
Will most likely stay in bed tomorrow so that I can go to Elaine’s Zumba in the Commons on Monday night!!!!

Until later. 

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Fun Fact Friday

I am a believer of the adage ‘things happen for a reason’ and today was no exception. 

I have been having the worst week I’ve had In a while. Today someone recognized me at work, and all is right again. 

Sometimes the littlest things can make a bad day right. 

I may not feel like a shining star, but I’m glad someone feels it for me. 

Until later. 

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Not So Wednesday Wisdoms


This morning I got up in pain and was glad it was Friday. Then Thing1 left to take Thing2 to her babysitting job. It hit me; it’s NOT Friday!!!!

I posted my Two Things Thursday super early hahaha. 

So this is for the not so wise. This week has been brutal on me. Pain has been my constant friend since Monday. Ive tried everything to combat it with no luck. 

Work has been a bit stressful this week too. Trying to focus on goals, ignore the negative going on and breathing through the pain has me praying for the long weekend. 

So, tonight I will chill and put my feet up. I am sorry about the mix up, but I blame pain. Distracting evil pain. 

Until later. 

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Two Things Thursday

Here are a couple of great things that popped into my Facebook this week. They are both great messages. 

  Yup. I totally needed that!
  I dreamed, now to dare to fail. 
Until later.  

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Tuesday Touchpoint: can I be last?

So, there is every possibility that this September at Maritime Race Weekend, I may be dead last in both of my walks. The thought of it makes me sick. 

I get that in every race, someone has to be last. I never wanted it to be me. I have this fear that people will laugh and mock and point. I’m afraid the race will be over and people will leave before I finish. 

I know I’m not as prepared as I thought I would be. 

However, never once have I thought of pulling out, or not going. 

I love the bling, but I’m actually beginning to enjoy my other classes more than walking. Is that bad? Should I be more focused on walking? I mean I’m finding my motivation hard to maintain while walking. I always feel negative about it now. 

I’m rethinking my whole fitness focus, and I’m not sure where I want it to go yet. 


Until later. 

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No Meal Monday

Do you know that when you have back to back hospital appointments, one that requires no food and drink for four hours prior, there’s no food to picture. 

Instead, here’s a photo of the Johnny shirts I spent my morning in. The smell of them brought me back to last year and made me feel ill. Of course, that’s probably the lack of food talking. 

Until later. 

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Sunday Confessional: on Pride

  Confession; I’m a cradle Catholic, but there are some times when I do not agree with things. 

Let me explain: I wear my cross necklace as an outward symbol of my faith. My faith in God helped me through my surgery and near death last year; of that I’m sure. I pray for friends and family, and know I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. 

My faith is shaken when other Christians use our faith to promote hate and discrimination. I have moments when I’m horrified by others actions in the name of God. 

Confession: I’m a cradle Catholic and some of the best people I know belong to the LBGTQ community. 

I fully believe that we are on this earth to love one another. I also firmly believe that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. 

I try to live my life as myself and hope people love me as I am. I extend that same benefit to all people. I don’t put limits or conditions on that rule. 

That is what I taught my kids. I can only hope they bring this with them into their adult lives. They are to love everyone as they are. 

Why is that so hard a lesson to learn? 

Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures 

  So glad I took this; cause right after I got drenched to the skin when I got out of the car
  Come to Pride with your Mom she said; you’ll have fun she said. Yup Thing2 kinda hated me for a moment. 
  But we had an amazing time with an amazing Employer who drives home Pride everyday. 
  It’s just not Pride unless the Darkside of the Force shows its true colours 
  My Pride favourite moment with my favorite person. 
  Then as I dropped a friend off I saw this on a car and fell in love. Want. 
  Then we saw this and kinda cringed. Ick. 
Now we’re ordering in and relaxing for the night. 

Until later. 

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Friday Fun Fact

As you wish…

  How can you not ADORE this movie?

Until later. 

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Two Things Thursday

  So, Coke thinks I’m a mermaid!!!! Must be true; right!
  Today was our Pride kick off for TD. So of course we are very serious banker/insurance types, yeah no. 
Until later 

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