Sunday Confessional: pride

Confession: in my Catholic faith certain types of Pride are sinful. 

For me, pride is more about self love and the lack of judgment for others. 

I struggle constantly with being proud of the body I am in right now. I’m a work in progress, this I know, but I struggle to see the forest through the trees. 

There’s a reason when I’m in most pictures I look like this:

It’s because I have a hard time looking at ones like this:

Confession: I love the person who took the pic, not so much the person staring back at me in it. 

Truth: that body has been through the ringer. 

Truth: that body can dance. 

Truth: that body kicks Body Combat ass. 

Truth: that body is making slow progress in the realm of weight loss. 

I appreciate my body for all it has come through and I’m grateful that I’m still on this earth to fight the fight to my healthy weight. 

Maybe a little Pride wouldn’t be so bad; if used for the right reasons. 

Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures 

I’m so tired, so this is a post with lots of pics and very few words. It was Pride Parade Day; and I loved every second. 

Until later.

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Friday Fun Fact

I hung out with great friends AND Queens 

Until later 

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Two Things Thursday

I love that my days more often than not starts out like this:

And then more often than not my afternoons involve quiet time at work with this view 

I am a lucky girl 

Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms

One simple wisdom: #BeWhoYouAre

Until later. 

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Tuesday Touchpoint

You know when you’ve had enough when you’re violent when ‘pouffing’ a paper flower and you need to have a time out lol

Helping with Pride art at work. One can only pouff so long and then your mind starts to wander. Hahaha 

But I’m so excited for tomorrow!!!!

Until later. 

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One Meal Monday

Lunch side dishes 

Almost better than the lunch

Until later. 

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Sunday Confessional: low and slow

Confession: I am giving up walk races next year because I’m a timing fanatic. 

I have an issue with ‘beating my time’ and ‘not being last’. So much so that I am really no longer enjoying the accomplishment of just finishing. 

Today I walked for an hour on the dreadmill. Which, as you all know is my least favourite gym trip of the week. But, I decided low and slow today. I didn’t take my speed above a 2.6.

That’s how far I got in that hour. 

Confession: it irritated me. 

I didn’t focus on the fact that I had very little pain or that my sciatic didn’t once give me pins and needles and not once did my foot go numb (like in every race I’ve ever done) I did remember thinking I felt great and could walk forever. 

Then I saw the distance at the end. Not even a whole 5k. Argh. Really. I thought I was feeling good. 

I was. I just wasn’t good and fast together. 

My race in September I’m gonna have to take it low and slow if I plan to finish the 10k on my feet. But I want to ring that PB bell. I want a personal best. 

Why can I NOT get past this?! 

To all my running friends; how do you deal with this?!?!?

Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures

The sun was hot already before Zumba 

So, even after my shower I was still tomato faced

But that wasn’t gonna stop me because I had a lunch date with a special group of crazies (my family)

Then our regular shopping adventures 

And now I’m curled up watching Harry Potter 

Until later. 

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Friday Fun Fact

It’s THAT muggy hahahaha 

My poor fur baby camped out under an open window. 

Until later. 

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