Sunday Confessional: a little something different

Confession: I have never been to an Easter Vigil in all my years as a Catholic. 

I know. 

This year will be my first.  I was asked to do one of the readings, and I have agreed. 

I have also taken the bold step to help a friend and sing at Easter Sunday services with him as his usual partner will be away for the holiday. 

I sang last night at Palm Sunday services with my old coir group. 

Confession: it was like coming home again

There are moments in time where you just know you are in a moment full of pure love and light and joy. Last night was one of those moments. We all went back and had supper together as well. Despite the ugly weather, it was an amazing night. It hurt my heart a little to see it end. 

When the music stops, I realize that my part of worship in song is what I was meant to do. I miss it terribly.  I would gladly join in tomorrow if I wasn’t to be the only one standing there. 

There is one thing that is stronger than my faith, and that’s my self consciousness of standing before the congregation to sing. 

I’m sure one day I will overcome that. I pray it comes soon haha cause I’m helping my friend Easter Sunday. 

Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures

  I love when my Saturday’s start quietly on the couch early in the AM watching Buffy while the rest of the house is still sleeping. 

  Decided to treat myself with a fizzy drink at lunch 

  Went to Church tonight and got to sing with my old choir, then had supper with them (left my phone in the car on purpose so I could enjoy the fellowship) then Thing2 and I had to pick up a few things

  The basket was getting full! Haha Thing2 was not having it anymore. Stalemate. 

  Say it ain’t so. But it’s snowing again. 

  Now I’m relaxing with a magazine and watching the Walking Dead with Thing2

Until later. 

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Friday Fun Fact

enjoying this sparkly water tonight! 


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Two Things Thursday

  Hubby’s co-worker sent these home with him! How thoughtful. 

  Supper tonight was tasty and 21 Day Fix approved. Definitely a have again meal! 

Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where you just marvel at things that have come and gone. 

You know realistically that you’re bound to learn something new everyday. 

There are things that you carry with you always, and there are things that don’t stay with you after five minutes. 

The challenge is to realize in the moment that they are actually happening. Then to say to yourself, you need to carry this with you. 

Today I had a few opportunities to recall something that was told to me when I was thirteen. From all my school years,and all those school lessons, I remember one smallsentence told to me by an ArchBishop.

Now, before you get all antsy about that, know that this moment is universal and it needs to be shared. There will come a time when I truly believe everyone needs to remember this themselves…..

You are good. You are beautiful and You are incredibly important. 

(If you’ve heard me say it before, it really should be said more, to every person)

Until later.

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Tuesday Touchpoint

  So there was a time where I loved Lego. 

However, mine were not as cool as what’s above this. Mine was in a large red plastic box. No kit, no end game structure. Just free form Lego play. 

Oh where the mind can go when given a bunch of blocks with some wheels and windows and one plastic Lego flower. 

Happy building

Until later. 

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One Meal Monday


Having a little post lunch treat!! Sunflower seeds!!! 

Until later. 

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Sunday Confessional: out of my comfort zone


Confession:  I have put myself in the direct line of pain and suffering this week. On purpose. 

I have made a concerted effort to do all the workouts called for in my 21Day Fix program.  I have felt good about some, and others…..well

Confession: I don’t like not being good at things. Or rather, I don like feeling inferior to my efforts.

I get frustrated easily when things that look effortless for the people in the dvd’s even the girl who’s modified the moves. For me, I immediately go to the negative parts of what I’ve done. I didn’t squat as deep. My lunges aren’t as clean. I have to use lighter weights (though this one I’m less worried about what with all my titanium) 

Once my body gives up the goat and I suddenly feel back pain or knee pain, I feel defeated and I find myself doubting whether I can do this. I want to make a full effort at it, but I always feel less than. 

Confession: I NEVER feel that way when I’m doing Zumba. 

So, riddle me this: How do I transfer my Zumba enthusiasm to a program that is pushing me so far out of my comfort zone that it’s bordering on a negative experience? 

Last Confession: I wish I could be as comfy as my kitty above at all times.

Until later.  

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My Saturday in Pictures


First up, a little breakfast!

  Then there was the need for art!

 It’s now hanging on the fridge *all proud like


 A little Caturday love and playtime 


 Then down to business with Cardio Fix

 Channeling my inner star princess 

  Leaving prepared with chocolate flavoured with almond milk and frozen raspberries 


 Then my Sissy surprised me with a gift. Sooo awesome!!!!!


 Now I’m relaxing with a little Buffy in my life. 

Until later.  

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Friday Fun Fact

After being in a rental since January, I finally have my car back!!!!


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