One Meal Monday

Is actually one meal and two snacks planned carefully last night. If you fail to plan you will certainly plan to fail!!! Have a great Monday!!!!

Until later. 

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Sunday Confessional: next steps

Confession: I spent a lot of my day in my car and I didn’t like it. Until tonight. 

Thing2 is gearing up for her Confirmation, and as her parent it’s been a flurry of paperwork and letters and stuff to get done. It gets so that you are so caught up in it that if you’re not careful you could miss some real important moments. Like tonight. 

Confession: I have been waiting to get my Sunday nights back for four years, but now that the time has come it makes me sad. 

In the blink of an eye Thing2 has grown up on me. Gone is that sweet little girl who was petrified of Bear in the Big Blue House. In her place is a bright young woman I am amazed by. 

However, what I will miss most is my Sunday night fellowship with my moms. That special group of women who’ve been a constant in my life since Sunday school began. Those women I share laughs with and whom I pray for. Those women who were a great source of strength for me a year ago.

Although our kids are growing, we will always have each other’s backs. Of that I’m sure. 

PS: not much reading done this week. So much stuff happening!
Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures

I actually kind of love my new Saturday’s now that my schedule changed. 

  Started with my new favourite breakfast smoothie. 
  Then it’s off to the gym where…..

  I will never be sick of seeing this tomato face sweaty selfie post Zumba 

 Of course my favourite post Zumba treat a Venti Cool Lime Refresher 

  I asked him to make me a sandwich so we could get on the road but he forgot my cheese slice 😅
  Our first stop to get our geek on: and then these next two pictures happened 
  Yup and best of all…..hubby and I actually got a hug for this…..
  We paid the extra she didn’t have 
  Finally! On the way home. 
  There was lots of shopping! 
  Clearly we were NOT missed 
  Now I’m catching up on some old Dr Who seasons.  
Until later. 

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Friday Fun Fact

 So yup. It must be Spring. The work crews are out. Sadly, they weren’t there to fix the potholes. 

Until later.  

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Two things Thursday 


So that lead to this……

  That is some classy ugly cry face. 
There have been four moments on Greys that have sent me into that wretching sobbing give myself a headache cry: when Denny dies, when George dies (oh I sobbed for hours on that one) when the hospital shooting happened and when Lexie and Mark die …..tonight makes five. 

There are no two things lol my head hurts too much. I need time to decompress. 

Until later. 

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Wednesday Wisdoms

Today I woke up in pain. 

Now, that’s not unusual anymore. I wake up and go through most everyday in chronic pain. It’s something I’m growing to ignore. It’s just another normal part of my life. 

Today’s pain was not normal. Today’s pain shouldn’t be here. 

My left hip has had a ‘kink’ in it for weeks now. Most days I can ignore it. Not this day. I barely made it out of bed. I would think, if I could afford it, I would go to a chiropractor and have an adjustment. The feeling is that if I just stretch enough that the kink will ‘let go’ and I will feel relief. However, I haven’t felt it yet. And it’s driving me round the bend and back again. 

I am coming up on a year post surgery and I still don’t feel like myself. 

I am beginning to think that girl is gone. 

And I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 
Until later. 

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Tuesday Tidbits

I honestly don’t remember what pasta tastes like anymore! I have grown so very fond of spaghetti squash that I don’t think I’d ever go back to pasta!!!


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Lack of Meal Monday

I declare hunger. 

That’s why there are no pictures attached. 

I was busy scarfing it down all day. 

lOL there is no before just a very tires sfter.

Until later!

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Sunday Evening Book Club

Confession: I had a hard time choosing a book to start reading this week. I had all kinds loaded onto iBooks but I just couldn’t narrow it down. 

Until I heard of Leslie Crewe. She’s a local writer. To be completely honest, she’s the first local writer I’ve ever picked up. 

What drew me to it was the main character Lexie. She’s a lot like me. She doesn’t look like the rest of her sl family and she has the personality to match her body. 

What’s even more fun is that it’s based in Glace Bay Cape Breton. One town over from my hometown of Newwaterford. 

I am not far along in it yet, I have been busy but if the first couple of chapters are any indication; I will be reading more of Leslie Crewe’s work. 


Until later. 

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My Saturday in Pictures

  Up early and excited about class

  Danced in the car the whole way there 

  I will never get old of that post awesome dance class tomato face ☺️


 On the way home I listened to one of those podcasts. I love them!


 Then there was the need to pick up the Turbo Tax box to have some fun this weekend. Oh scratch that: so my HUBBY can have some fun! 😝


 Does it every single time he comes with me. LOL. So much love for the goofball. 


 Well I just had to!! 


 Oh yeah. Just found this on Bluray!!!!


 Then had some veggie Chinese food for supper. 

Now I’m curled up watching Smallville on Crave TV

Until later.   

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