WI Wednesday: owning the truth

Tonight I owned up to what’s happened.

I updated My Fitnesspal and my WW app.

I am battling my worst fear. The weight I lost during the first part of my recovery is coming back.

I’ve gained half it back.

There. I said it.

Now what? Do I curl up in a ball and give up? I considered it.

However, I know that I can do this. I know I’m determined and now I need the focus back. Tell me, have you seen it?

It’s like I’m stick on this tightrope, trying desperately to stay on the right path between getting back to my activity and the frustration that I’m not back to where is was.
The issue is, how do I combat the food/activity tightrope walk and win?

For now I will focus on my good points from last week:
I got back to work
I went to the gym twice!
I got back to drinking my water (a constant annoying struggle)

My focus next week will be:
Get my water in
Get to the gym at least three times.
Focus on better food choices.

I do not want to disappoint anyone, and this gain has me embarrassed.
I just have to move on, and work hard on my focus.

Until later

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4 Responses to WI Wednesday: owning the truth

  1. cathyo says:

    Don’t be embarrassed. You went through a serious medical thing and it will take time to recover. Keep focussing on being active and eating clean. The rest will fall into place. Don’t beat yourself up over it. That doesn’t do any good at all.

  2. Jackie Turner says:

    Its not abaout disappointing anyone. this is YOUR Journey. Remember – If is meant to be….it is up to ME. You have to do this for you…Not anyone else! It will happen when you are ready.

  3. (((Hugs))) You CAN do this!!! Bravo for posting! It alway feels freeing to me , when I let out my struggles! Work so hard to get weight off and it comes back so easily! Sending you love and positive vibes to get you back on track! Xoxo, Laurie~

  4. peady says:

    I think you are brave for so many reasons. This weight thing? It’s a lifelong battle. I know. You are facing it head on. Decision. Action. You can do this!!

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