WI Wednesday: it’s the little things


Good evening folks.

Well, I can say I’m pretty stoked about my WI this week. I think the fear of gaining back all that I lost was total motivation. The result: I was down 1.8 this week!

It’s the little things.

That’s what this weeks meeting was about. The little things.

When you look at your journey as a big picture, it can be totally overwhelming. Makes it hard to look at, own up to and decide how to get into it.

But if you take it as one small change. Just one.

Change: I will do 5 squats just as I got out of bed.

That you can manage, that won’t stop your breath in its tracks. Add one extra glass do water to your day. That’s a little thing.

I feel there are times when I will never get through the journey. I am looking to take bigger chunks out of this journey.

However, I see the wisdom in the smaller steps. I have no choice but to deal in small steps these days; and I’m ok with that.

This weeks focus will be the little things, and how the little things add up quickly.

Until later.

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3 Responses to WI Wednesday: it’s the little things

  1. peady says:

    This is such a great reminder.

    I am in need of a big shake up, but I feel stuck in a rut. Tired of that battle, you know?

    I know it’s a journey. I know it’s the little things. I do. But! Oh! Why can’t one of the little things be a magical 50 lb overnight drop? Why?!?

    Thanks for your post, Nicole, and your inspiration. I appreciate your struggle, your hard work and your focus on the little things.

    We know that one new thing can make a HUGE impact on our health. That’s a fact.

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