Sunday Confessional: what’s next

Confession: forty is truly just a number

Then I woke up this morning. Haha.

The pain was in my left hip. I laughed. Sign from God? Or just a Combo of all the birthday fun?

I sided with fun.

I felt a bit awesome yesterday. It was how I wanted to say hello to forty. By proving to myself that I haven’t lost my love of activity. I have found myself loving the feeling of accomplishing my activity goals.

As the distance hit 3.1 I did a little fist pump while hitting the cool down button. I was convinced that I would still be obsessing about the time today.

Confession: I’m not.

I truly was stoked that I was only 7min off. Surgeon and GP told me it could be almost a year to feel ‘normal’ again. Thing is, I don’t ever remember being normal to begin with.

Most people don’t expect me to do the things I do. They don’t see me doing Zumba, until they take a class with me. They wouldn’t think I could run a 5k. Sure, I wasn’t fast and didn’t run the whole thing, but I finished it running.

So, now I need to figure out what’s next. What’s the next great thing to do? I have my first race next year already paid for, and am deciding what else I want to accomplish.

Who knows!

For now, I’m having a rest day and enjoying quiet time today.

Until later.

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3 Responses to Sunday Confessional: what’s next

  1. peady says:

    I witnessed you finishing that 5 k and though you were a stranger I could see the happiness and determination in your eyes! I SO get this!!

    You can really do anything.

    Believe it.

    • goalinreach says:

      You were at the gym?!?! How come you didn’t come over?!?!

      • peady says:

        No no. Not *that* 5k! My mistake. I witnessed the TNT 5k. The purple power 5k. Last spring. I was the enthusiastic loon in the purple hula skirt! šŸ˜€

        If I am ever in the same room as you I will introduce myself. Of course!

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