Tuesday Touchpoint


I am really ready to throw the towel in this week. I hate my PMS week (sorry, overshare for my menfolk readers) I eat anything not nailed down.

It’s like I have an internal autopilot, and as soon as I get close to TOM it takes over. I also get fairly irritable. However, because of my b/c pills, my mood swings are minor. Problem is, I am aware of them but unable to shake them. I have to ride them out, and I apologize to family and friends a lot.

I’m expecting a gain this week, I usually gain about 2, so anything less than 2 will be considered a win.

I have to take the good with the bad, and today I’m sucking it up and putting on the big girl panties and moving one.

One week, now WI will NOT define my whole journey.

Until later.

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