WI: Gimme a Break


WI result: up 1.2. Stupid TOM

I’m really trying not to let it get me down, because this week is kicking my ass. My periods while on warfarin are brutal. The headaches are worse, the cramping is worse, the flow is awful. The last two of them I wanted to curl up in bed and die a little.

Right now, I’m taking a beating.

However, when it read my WW weekly, it made me smile.

Even WW is telling me to stop and take a moment.

Stress is building at work, and I am leaving a lot up to God right now. However, it’s introducing a lot of unknowns into my life, and that’s what is setting me off.

However, starting tonight, I am taking a big deep breath and starting back to what I know.

For right now, I am starting with Tylenol to get rid one hell of a thunder anger headache.

Until later.

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