My Saturday in Pictures

Got up to head to the gym and realized that Thing1 had taken my car, so I took the hubby’s

Little did this face know what we were getting into!!!

This is my first ‘post-surgery’ Zumba class ultra red tomato face!!! I just decided to try it. OMG how I missed it!!!!!!

Tried a new pineapple flavour Pom drink and had a pastrami sammich for lunch.

Spent some quality time with Bella and Edward.

Post supper icy treat.

Getting ready to watch Dr Who with Thing2. (I apologize for me in that pic haha I blame Thing2 for snapping when she was ready but I wasn’t. )

Until later.

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4 Responses to My Saturday in Pictures

  1. That sandwich bread looks fantastic! Yum. Congrats on Zumba! I’ve never tried it, but have heard great things.

  2. Lynn says:

    Yeah for being able to go back to Zumba, you must feel so great!! šŸ™‚

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