Wednesday Wisdoms

Let me tell you a story:

Have you ever been working on a project. The kind of project that seemingly would NOT end and it has taken you forever.

Then all of a sudden: it got rebooted on you!?

Would you: a) welcome it as a fresh new perspective, b) freak completely out and wash your hands of it or c) wait to see if you could recover any of the info

If you answered A: this week’s WW meeting was for you!

Sometimes hitting that restart button can make you look at your journey in a whole new way. If you’re bored or frustrated or simply ready to throw in towel, taking a step back to the beginning can really help you.

That’s what I’m doing this week: getting a fresh perspective on this whole journey.

I’m going to be focusing on the Simply Filling foods (minus all the yummy dark green ones) and cutting out the junky junk food that has been creeping around the house.
I’m also going to work on the whole water thing as well. Lots and lots of water!!

Have you ever reboot? Did it help?

20 letters, 10 words of great power:


Until later.

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4 Responses to Wednesday Wisdoms

  1. Sounds like a great meeting! I feel like when I started WW a month ago that was my reboot!! Lol…. I love your last sentence there. your right, if it is to be, it’s up to me!!! Awesome.

  2. cathyo says:

    you should look into the whole life challenge. it is about eliminating bad things from your diet, drinking lots of water, exercising every day (for at least 10 minutes), and focussing on you. I’ve done it 3 times so far and loved it (well at least the first 2. the last one just wasn’t good timing for me). it starts again this staruday and I can’t wait. I am going to stick to the plan and work hard over 8 weeks (well 7 weeks since one week we will be in jamaica for a friend’s wedding and i’m just being realistic!) and use this to get me back on track after a rough summer food-wise. I can’t wait. check it out

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