My Saturday In Pictures

Zumba needed new funky pants and my Zumba shoes!

I’m really learning to like myself in pictures. Pre Zumba shot!

Post Zumba hot mess shot. Today’s class was the most challenging yet. That’s because I really let loose and gave it my all. I was way out of breath for most of it, but I felt strong despite it!!!

I was supposed to meet a friend, but plans fell through, so stopped here to pick up some Popsicles.

On the way home, I noticed just how much Fall is creeping into our lives. Love it.

The cat is unimpressed by me.

By the end of today this paper was about all I could hold 😳 I am feeling my efforts after the last three days of classes. But, it’s that good ache that makes you realize you worked yourself!!

Getting ready for our now regular Saturday night family time with Tea and Dr Who!!!

Until Later.

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3 Responses to My Saturday In Pictures

  1. peady says:

    Those pants rock! Great job! Isn’t Zumba fun? So fun!!!

    I love my post Zumba tomato head! 😛

    Fun day!

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