Sunday Confessional: on the right path

Confession: Sunday’s are going to change next week.

I have always always gone to Church on Sunday mornings, for as long as I could remember. Mass was never considered on another day.

Until now.

Confession: starting next week I will be attending Mass on Saturday evenings, the 4pm service.


So that my kid doesn’t feel so ‘bookended’ with being in Church. While I was singing with the 9am choir, my commitment was to that Mass. So we got up early every Sunday, but then had to rush supper to get back to Church for Thing2’s Sunday school.
This is her last year of it. Thing2 is in her Confirmation year. So, to keep us both focused and on the right path, the change needed to be made.

Also, my choir has disbanded, so except for the mornings I read, I will be attending the Saturday Mass that will allow Thing2 to sleep in on Sunday and only have to go into town once.

It may be a small change, but in the long run I think it will space things out enough that it won’t seem overwhelming to her. It’s a big year, Confirmation.

Confession: I am sad that my choir disbanded, but I think the pressure is off me now to recover my voice quickly.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss it. It’s my preferred form of worship, but pushing myself to be ‘ok’ sooner rather than later could end up with me shooting myself in the foot.

Current worship song I love to sing in my car:
We Believe by The Newsboys

Until later.

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2 Responses to Sunday Confessional: on the right path

  1. That was a great post! says:

    WOw, that is a good change ….sad about choir i iknow it meant alot to you

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