Sunday Confessional: recharge

Confession: nothing makes me smile quicker than hearing that lite boy call me ‘Auntie’

It’s no secret that my life recently has been slightly more than stressful. However, just a few hours with my Sissy and her family and mine all bowling was enough to melt that stress away.

Confession: I wasn’t looking forward to another year of driving into Sunday School , until I got there and spent time with a few girlfriends.

Do not underestimate the power of prayer, and laughter and the fear of snakes hahaha. It was a lovely evening spent in the company of friends, and will be something to look forward to as each Sunday comes.

I cherish my time with Nate (although it was the first time I couldn’t get him to do a Nate/Nic selfie, cause he’s growing up) and I cherish time with my friends.

Without them I would, I’m sure, be in a corner somewhere rocking back and forth muttering ‘can’t sleep; clown’ll eat me’

True story.

Until later.

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