Tuesday Touchpoint

Evening All!

I haven’t been this tired and worn out in a long time! Illness at work has less people doing more work, and it’s been a long time since I’ve gone all out like this.

On a happier note, I have just come from my doctor. Long story short, the pain I’m feeling is normal and my lungs are clear. My blood pressure is spot on and he laughed at my telling him of my exploits in Body Combat!

He has cautioned me to not get too over excited about my mad kick boxing skills haha. He thinks that it might be too ‘jarring’ for my sternum. So, can’t throw hard punches, only girlie punches bwahahaha!

Another two bits of good news. One, although I don’t think so, he says my scar is healing fine and; he thinks my singing/breathing for singing will also come back in time. A year is the timeframe given.

I’ve got my Dr ordered flu shot booked (I need them from now on due to my complications) and at the next visit we talk the wonderful world of pre menopausal me and all that fun.

Until later.

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