Sunday Confessional: the Causeway Effect

Confession: I haven’t lived in Cape Breton for over thirty years, but I still consider it ‘going down home’ when I visit.

There is something about that Island. That island holds my past, it was where I did all my growing up. It’s where a grand majority of my amazing family live. From my Dads side in Sydney to my Moms in NewWaterford all the way to Inverness and my Great Grandpa.

When I’m there it’s like I’m six again. I love visiting all my Aunties and Uncles and seeing all the cousins. It doesn’t matter that no matter where you go it involves driving in a car.

As soon as I cross the Causeway I get my Caper accent back. Mom and Dad become Ma and Da. I love it.

In Cape Breton is everything I hold dear from my past. I was heartbroken to see the site where St Agnes used to be. The Church I had my First Communion in. I understood why, but still. I saw the house I grew up in and my best friends house next door ( where her parents still live).

I still remember that the Bayside has the best fries, and the Tasty Freeze has the best soft serve ice cream. The Grand Lake Rd fire department is still full of volunteers who are family.

Confession: I miss it. I do wish I got home more.

The mitt shaped island at the ‘top’ of NS is down home for me. Always and forever.

Until later.

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