Tuesday Touchpoint: Day and Night-Night and Day

I really didn’t even know there was a difference between night and day.

Okay stop laughing and I will explain.

People ask the question all the time: when is the best time to work out? Usually the ‘expert’ will tell you that it’s whenever is best for you. Today I tested that theory.

Currently, my husband is pulling 14 hour days and it’s starting to show it’s wear. Thing1 gets up at 4am every morning to drive hubby to work then comes home and sleeps for an hour, gets up gets ready and heads back into town for school. If Thing1 needs to work, then I’m called on to pick up the hubs.

Tonight was one of those nights. I decided to forgo my morning walk in order to pass the time in town until it was time to pick him up.

Mistake. Epic mistake.

It was the worst 30minutes of torture in my life. My back hurt from minute one. No matter how fast or slow I went. I didn’t have one moment when I wasn’t feeling tremendous back pain. I know, now, that because I sit at a desk all day and if it’s not busy for me running around I end up in one position. Instant back pain when trying to get my walk on.

I was ready to quit after five minutes. I suffered through 30.

I will do my walk in the AM when my body is rested and relaxed and ready to take on the speeds I like to walk to get my furthest distance in my time period.

Lesson officially learned.

Until later.

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One Response to Tuesday Touchpoint: Day and Night-Night and Day

  1. Mornings are always my best time to work out, too. It’s good that you know that about yourself! Now you can stick with what you know works. 🙂

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