Wednesday Wisdoms: planning 2015


This has been the hardest week of my life. My two weeks of vacation are almost over, yet I spent a majority of it very very sick.

However, I have done some major planning for 2015 during this time as well. With the exception of planning childrens, this is the most planned events I’ve ever set up.

We won’t even start discussing how each of those things are all fitness related. My most recent is pictured above.

Maritime Race Weekend has just finished their third annual race, and is now one of the largest races in Atlantic. I have a special place in my heart for this event.

The inaugural race, I RAN my first 5k distance.
The second year, I walked my longest distance race, the 10k.
This year SHOULD have been my first Tartan Twosome. (Two races, two days)

Yup, that pesky life threatening, near death experience this year sidetracked my three peat of this race.

Yesterday I put my money where my mouth is; and I signed up.

My first Tartan Twosome is set. 5k on Friday night, 10k on Saturday.

This will be the cherry on the sundae of my 2015 comeback trail!

There is just something exciting about planning cool fitness goals.
Makes me feel pretty bad ass.

Oh yeah, no WI tonight, still self quarantined. No one else should have to suffer.

Until later.

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One Response to Wednesday Wisdoms: planning 2015

  1. cathyo says:

    hope you feel better soon. sleep, sleep, sleep!

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