Friday Fun Fact

Well, I’m still coughing far too much, the chest infection won’t go away. However, to prevent pneumonia I’m on a puffer for two weeks. One puff in the AM and one at bedtime.

The fun:

I had an awesome day with my Mom, Dad and Sister. We did lots of shopping, laughing and having a great day! Sadly, we don’t get enough of them.

Big extra fun: I’m currently in heaven sitting on the couch, cup of salted caramel David’s Tea and Cats (the Broadway musical) is on PBS.


Until later.

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4 Responses to Friday Fun Fact

  1. peady says:

    Health is priority number one!

    Take care of you.

  2. peady says:

    I so totally watched CATS last night!

  3. peady says:

    It was purrrrfect! 😉

  4. UGH!!! Hope you feel better soon!!!!!

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