Wednesday Wisdoms: when good snacks attack


I need to report a vicious attack. It happened in a blur. First, I was just sitting on the couch watching tv, they came out of nowhere. Suddenly, my face was covered in chocolate and there are wrappers stuffed in the couch cushions.

Have you ever had that same experience?

That’s what we talked about tonight. The fact that sometimes we eat a snack and others…..the snack eats you.
I have that problem all the time. Especially on the weekends when my routine isn’t as regulated as through the week. I try very hard through the week to not let myself get too hungry or the snack will get out of control.

Right now at work it’s starting to get harder, as the customer Christmas chocolate parade has begun. I always keep a planned snack in my bag at all times. However, if the day gets away from me or it’s more stressful than normal, I will find myself with a ‘need’ for comfort foods. Generally, the comfort food isn’t carrots.

What do you do to make sure you’re not assaulted by your snacks?

Until later.

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One Response to Wednesday Wisdoms: when good snacks attack

  1. I stopped buying snack foods that test my will power. At work, I just give them the cold shoulder. Having healthy options and a hot mug of tea a couple of times a day in addition to my water helps a lot 🙂

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