Wednesday Wisdoms: pssst…..come here……look what I got!

Picture it:

A dark alley, rain fresh in the air. You come around the corner, still sweaty from a great workout. That’s when he appears. Tall, dark mysterious. Sporting a fedora and a long tan trench coat.

He speaks: “psst, come here a sec”

You freeze, but your curious. One step closer.

“I got something for you. It’s something you love. You think you can’t live without it. I want to give you it, cause I think you need it”

He reaches into the trench coat, and your eyes get bigger.

Out from under the trench coat is……

Grandma’s famous baklava, still warm and fresh.

You’ve just been bamboozled by: The Food Pusher

Why is it that we have the hardest time with this. People who may not know about our struggle with food, but our inability to offend someone by saying no to what they made. Just for you.

This time of year is especially hard. Offices all over the world are receiving those homemade cookies and cakes and pies from their clients o want to thank them. By adding a few pounds to your left ass cheek.

There comes also, that inevitable tipping point where you have already said no three hundred times, and you snap. That’s probably where most holiday hospital visits come from.

People trying to stay on a healthy food program who snap at the insistence on eating Great Aunt Tessie’s homemade pie; and start throwing punches.

How do you deal with food pushers? We all have them!

Until later.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Wisdoms: pssst…..come here……look what I got!

  1. “By adding a few pounds to your left ass cheek” – thanks for that laugh! It IS a hard time of year to say no to someone else’s food. Sometimes I just say, oh I’m full or I just ate lunch…or I’ll have one later.

  2. peady says:

    I say, “Not now, thanks.” I mean it. Sometimes I’ll add, “Maybe later.” I am polite and sincere.

    I mean what I say and say what I mean.

    So far, it works. Good luck! DH and I were just talking about this last night and again this morning. It’s not easy. Do what suits you best for your goal – you know, that one within reach. πŸ™‚

  3. I hear you! We had no less than THREE different treats sent as gifts to the staff yesterday from vendors and supporters. I just ignore them. When my coworkers come by I usually throw my arms in front of my face and say an emphatic NO…but thanks, I appreciate the sentiment. πŸ™‚ I’m more vocal in explaining I’m adapting to a healthier lifestyle and don’t want to deal with the sugar crash right now.

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