Sunday Confessional: bah humbug

Confession: I’ve seen far too many cranky people this week. It burns my ass.

This time of year, I know, can be hard for some people. Not every one is in the Christmas spirit. I understand that.

However, is it fair to try and spread the bah humbugs to every other person around?

I mean the last few days for me haven’t exactly been my best, but I tried to keep a smile on my face to everyone I passed and wished them all a Merry Christmas.

Confession: the bah humbugs got me by the third time I got cut off in traffic on Friday night. I can only take so much. Then: it’s on!

Today was a day that tests my patience. I am not a lover of wrapping gifts. Never have been. I think it stems from my dislike of surprises. However, in the last couple of years we copped out and threw everything in bags and taped them shut.

Last year, when the ‘unbagging’ took five minutes and then it was quiet, it didn’t seem right.
So, I told my hubby I wanted to wrap everything.

Maybe next year I can pay someone to do it hahaha.

As Christmas Eve draws closer and the last minute shoppers are out in the roads and around town, just remember…..

This is a season of impending Joy for the world, and love and goodwill to all people.

Unless I get cut off four times…..then who can blame me? 😜

Until later.


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