Wednesday Wisdoms: teaching


I missed Zumba tonight; and I’m distraught about it.
During this licensing time, it’s keeping my crazy at Bay.

So, here I sit all time of monthy, bloated and gross and suffering from two weeks of being chained to a very large book cramming a ton of knowledge into my brain, and having a pity party.

What does this teach me?

Well, today in class while the others were avoiding an assignment, I had my head down with my nose buried in it because I’m struggling with it.
What did that teach me?

I need to focus on stuff that is going to get me further ahead. I need to take time for myself or I may go banana phone crazy.

However, during the day my teacher of the mountains of knowledge is awesome and really helping me.
My instructor at Zumba knows how much I love her.

Those who teach….I thank you!

Until later.

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