Wednesday Wisdoms: the long long journey back


So, I really am just buggered about a few things lately.

One: I have been driving a rental car for two weeks now. For some reason they cannot seem to figure out what is wrong with my car. They teleconference Korea everyday and try new things. Still no joy. Long long wait.

Two: I am getting another cold/chest infection. My third I believe this winter. This is not funny anymore. Really, I just want to be fine and stay fine and not get locked into this never ending circle of illness.

This was a much longer road than I expected to sign up for. This was never spelled out to me.
I am starting to think that a constant hacking cough might be part of my daily life. To go along with the ever present chest pain.

I don’t talk about it much, because I know that it’s just a new normal in my life. It’s not debilitating and it doesn’t prevent me from going about my day, but it’s always there. If I move a certain way, still there when I cough and sneeze. It’s there when I am wearing my seatbelt.

I am not going to let it keep me from my life. I still wear the seatbelt, I refuse to give up Zumba or my gym time. I will modify and work around the issue.

I will walk the road and though I may complain I will get to the end.


PS: here’s what I’m watching while I type this:


Until later.

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