Sunday Confessional: the fall

Confession: I fell on ice today. It scared the be jeebus out of me. 

I haven’t had a fall since my surgery until today. I laid on the cold ground for a good long while, taking stock. 

Hands had kitty litter ground into my palms. My jeans were soaked and cold from laying on the ice. There was grit and grime all over my winter coat. 

It felt so very much longer. As I waited for the pain. I took a shallow breath. Then a deeper one. There was the usual pain, but it’s a bit ramped up. 

I can only imagine I will feel worse tomorrow. 

I guess that’s another first post surgery. I don’t want to be nervous walking, but I feel that will make it so. 

For now, I need some ibuprofen and my bed. 

Until later. 

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2 Responses to Sunday Confessional: the fall

  1. cathyo says:

    Hope it’s not that bad. This winter blows!

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