Sunday Confessional: I’m a girl and I don’t give a..

Confession: I was that girl.

I was the girl who played in the dirt and played with the boys. I wore jeans and shorts and my hair was always short. I never liked Barbies or dollies or tea parties.

No boy would play hockey with me. I was too umm eager. I liked to high stick. 

Confession: once, a boy told me I couldn’t play baseball because I was a girl. So I punched him in the mouth and drove his teeth through his lip. 

Don’t tell me because of my gender I can’t do something I was never the typical girl and never once was I ever made to feel bad about it by anyone I knew. My family didn’t care that I’d rather be a tomboy. 

I was never all about nail polish and hairstyles and clothing. I’d rather read a book, sing in my school choir or watcha movie as a teenager. I never was ‘boy crazy’ as most of the boys were my pals. 

Today is international woman’s day and it needs to be said that where we live has a lot to do with our freedom to define the word ‘girl, woman, lady’ any way we see fit. We are privileged to have a lot more equality than most women everywhere else.

Never be afraid to live your definition of a girl.

And if you have to…..punch a few boys in the mouth….no don’t do that hahaha

Girl Power!!!!

Until later. 

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