Wednesday Wisdoms

There comes a moment in everyone’s life where you just marvel at things that have come and gone. 

You know realistically that you’re bound to learn something new everyday. 

There are things that you carry with you always, and there are things that don’t stay with you after five minutes. 

The challenge is to realize in the moment that they are actually happening. Then to say to yourself, you need to carry this with you. 

Today I had a few opportunities to recall something that was told to me when I was thirteen. From all my school years,and all those school lessons, I remember one smallsentence told to me by an ArchBishop.

Now, before you get all antsy about that, know that this moment is universal and it needs to be shared. There will come a time when I truly believe everyone needs to remember this themselves…..

You are good. You are beautiful and You are incredibly important. 

(If you’ve heard me say it before, it really should be said more, to every person)

Until later.

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