Sunday Confessional: a little something different

Confession: I have never been to an Easter Vigil in all my years as a Catholic. 

I know. 

This year will be my first.  I was asked to do one of the readings, and I have agreed. 

I have also taken the bold step to help a friend and sing at Easter Sunday services with him as his usual partner will be away for the holiday. 

I sang last night at Palm Sunday services with my old coir group. 

Confession: it was like coming home again

There are moments in time where you just know you are in a moment full of pure love and light and joy. Last night was one of those moments. We all went back and had supper together as well. Despite the ugly weather, it was an amazing night. It hurt my heart a little to see it end. 

When the music stops, I realize that my part of worship in song is what I was meant to do. I miss it terribly.  I would gladly join in tomorrow if I wasn’t to be the only one standing there. 

There is one thing that is stronger than my faith, and that’s my self consciousness of standing before the congregation to sing. 

I’m sure one day I will overcome that. I pray it comes soon haha cause I’m helping my friend Easter Sunday. 

Until later. 

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