One Meal Monday: MythBusted

I was always skeptical about putting spinach in a smoothie. However, I’m on Round2 of my 21Day Fix program and I struggled last round to eat my veggies in the AM. 

I am relieved to find that I don’t taste them it at all!!!!


Until later. 

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2 Responses to One Meal Monday: MythBusted

  1. cathyo says:

    i had a chai latte on the drive to work today – needed a little something as a reward for actually getting out of the house when I all I really wanted to do was crawl back into bed and be like my kids who were still snoring away when I left the house! So, since I had the latte which is so bad for me – full of empty sugar calories – I decided to have a kale smoothie for breakfast at work instead of my usual bacon and eggs. I threw half a frozen banana, frozen pineapple, a big handful of chopped kale, some almonds and sunflower seeds and a scoop of Vega protein powder into my magic bullet along with some water. it is the worst shade of green you can imagine, but it tastes pretty good. Can’t tell there is kale in there at all. My naturopath wants me to have one of these a day to help get extra protein and veggies into me. I will admit I’m not having one daily, but I try for a couple of days a week at work.

  2. Jackie says:

    I was skeptical too! Kale, I can definitely taste and don’t personally recommend.

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