My Saturday in Pictures

 Not impressed with Mother Nature. 

  I couldn’t go to Zumba but I brought it in my car with me. 

  Picked up my Mom’s Mothers Day Gift!! Haha she has never tried spaghetti squash, and now she does!!

  Then it was off to bring with my Sissy and my Mom here, where I have never eaten. 

  I was NOT disappointed!!!! 

  Then I got some Auntie time in with my favourite boy in th world!!

  We had a great day!

  Then I smacked on Edible Matters macaroons. OMG!!!

  The kid loves us. We are now a four cell phone family!

  Some late in the day grocery shopping!!!

  Showed up at Costco super late but I was surprised by these super cute CMN balloons 

  Switched up my Saturday treat!!

Now I’m relaxing and enjoying some Smallville. 

Until later. 

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