Sunday Confessional: on being a Mom

  Confession: I have always wanted kids. 

Ever since I was little I knew I was gonna be a mom. I loved the idea of having someone to love and care for and dress and just know they will belong to you forever. 

Confession: I was not prepared to love my grown children so much more than I thought. 

When I used to dream of kids they were always little. However, as I spend time with my almost adult children and we joke and laugh and share I know I am blessed more than anyone should. 

They are amazing and compassionate and kind. They have got helpful hearts and a sweet smile. I am proud of what they have grown up to be. 

But I also enjoy them for things like this: 

  Goofballs that love each other!!

So to all the Mom’s out there I know you and remembering how blessed you are today. Enjoy your children at whatever stage of life they’re in!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Until later. 

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