Wednesday Wisdoms: How Do You Measure a Year?

365 days. One year. 525,600 minutes. No matter how you measure it all boils down to the same time. 

One year ago today I had my surgery. Scratch that, one year ago I had my first surgery. 

Hindsight being what it is, I was only about to scratch the surface of what the next half of my year would be like. I didn’t know that four days from this surgery I would almost lose my life to complications, or weeks from that I would almost lose my life to blood clots. 

What I did know, all those minutes ago, was that this surgery was essential to me living a long life. 

So, after the 12 months post surgery what does my life look now? I would love to say that I have no lasting effects from all those surgeries and complications. I would love to say I moved on and never looked back. 

I can’t. 

What I can say is that I am slowly making my way through my new normal. I get up, I go to the gym, I go to work and come home to my family. Each and every day I have pain, chronic pain that I’m learning to deal with. 

I will see my doctor soon as I am ready to take back one thing in my life I’ve been wanting to try. Body Combat. I want to get back, but I also need to move forward. 

I want to take the next step into my next 525,600 minutes in a forward direction. Never losing sight of what I came through in my past but eager to show th world what I have yet to accomplish. 

One year. Taken one moment, one minute, one breath at a time  

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