Wednesday Wisdoms

  So, even Dr B has remembered its been a year since my hospital fun. I have to go get blood work done and another set of scans in July. Oh the fun never stops. 

Then in August I see Dr B again. I know it’s just to say goodbye to him, scratch that: I HOPE it’s to say goodbye to him.  I am starting a year in which my surgery is very much in the past. That’s not to say I don’t live with reminders every sine day, however it’s time to move on. For example:

I can barely type this tonight haha because my arms are on fire. I went back to Body Combat this week, and wow. It’s clearly evident that I haven’t been using my upper body very much this past year. Time to change that. 

I may not have lost any weight when I see him, but I can proudly tell him I’ve been very consistent with my gym time and that  currently training for two events this year. 

So, today instead of doing my treadmill training I decided to head to Zumba class. I don’t get to them on Wed nights anymore because of work. I would rather dance in class than to do 45min on the treadmill listening to the Zumba music.  

  This is my instructor Elaine. Today was her birthday and she STILL came to class to help us all get our dance on. She and Nicole (my Thursday instructor) are the reason I fought to keep my memebership at GoodLife. 
So today’s wisdom is simply this: you get one life to make what you want of it. People will come in and out of it, influence you and touch your heart. Never forget to tell the people who matter that your life is better having them in it. 

Until later. 

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