Wednesday Wisdoms: a lesson on pot lucks

Short lesson: pot lucks are evil. 

There is a very hard and fast rule (possibly imaginary) that you must try every kind of food brought to a pot luck.  Also,just when you think there can’t be more food, dessert comes. Of course, I contributed part of the dessert so I take full blame for that. 

Hello food baby, followed by food coma and mix that in with heartburn. 

How do you all handle them??

I failed mine today hahaha 

Also, because I had to contribute, I couldn’t make the gym today and it’s making me feel all schlumpy 😯

Going to sleep off the food coma!!

Until later. 

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One Response to Wednesday Wisdoms: a lesson on pot lucks

  1. We have potlucks every month here in the office. It depends on my mindset how I handle them. Usually I take just a little bit of most dishes and if there are salads I’ll try and fill about 1/4 of my plate with that. I always eat slowly and sometimes I don’t finish my plate. My general rule for dessert is after my meal, if I have room (and after everyone has already raided them) I can have one small taste. Either a cookie, a square or a 1/2 slice of cake or pie. 🙂

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