Sunday Confessional: the simple act of a volunteer

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn and made my way to Hali to volunteer at the IWK Telethon. 

It is the one volunteer event I seek out through the company I work for. We work the phone banks for an hour and a half  and we laugh and cry and get to see Hali-famous news media personalities.  I have been blessed to not have had to use the IWK a whole lot with my now grown kiddos, but I love what the IWK does for others. 

When you’re there, random staff of the hospital will notice your volunteer ID and say thank you. There is a genuine tone in their voice and a look of joy on their face. The event is very interdependent: we need the IWK to be one of the worlds leading pedi attic facilities, and the IWK needs us to volunteer and help raise funds to buy state of the art equipment and fund life changing research. 

Such a small gesture that builds a great community of love and support. I met a little boy who’s bravery beads made me tear up. There were just so many. I don’t think someone that small should have to have them all. However, with the hospital and all they do he’s a sweet little boy who was running around like a mad man haha. 

So, what is you your one small thing. What can you do? 

Until later.  

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