Sunday Confessional: Hey Sole Sister

Hello friends!!! 

Confession: yesterday was my long awaited first post surgery race. 

Okay, so it wasn’t timed and there were many stops to hug pretty boys and eat chocolate and take pictures with men not wearing pants, but it was awesome. 

Stacy Juckett Chesnutt is to be commended for creating and running a race here in Dartmouth that promotes women of all shapes sizes and abilities to feel powerful and proud of accomplishing a 5k race. 

Women only are allowed to run/walk but the men are SUPER supportive 

  They were on the course to encourage high five and hug all the ladies. 
It was a race where you saw a lot of Mothers with younger daughters. Groups of best girlfriends….

  And all ages were all ready for the event. 
Of course it’s funny that every year on race day it’s either cold or rainy or windy (or all three) but it all seems to calm before the start gun. 

If you live in the area I would really suggest you register next year. It’s gonna be the fifth year so I can only imagine what they’ll do?!! I mean this year, early registrations got tutu’s!!!!

I officially, my Fitbit timed me at 1:06 with the picture taking and hugging and chxocates. 

I’m pretty damn happy about it. 

Until later 

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2 Responses to Sunday Confessional: Hey Sole Sister

  1. Terry says:

    Good girl!! We are such a great group of women to celebrate the sisterhood….and meet personal goals! Can’t wait for year 5 next year and planning on doing two !!

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