Sunday Confessional

Confession: I haven’t been reading.

I seem to have lost my passion for that too. I have been struggling with my motivation to chose the things I like to do and actually do them. 

I am falling into a new routine and I do like it. Get up, pack gym bag, get Thing2 out the door for school and then drive to the gym. 

Post gym shower, get dressed and drive to work. Work eight hours then drive home. Eat supper and talk to my family for awhile. Then, off to bed. 

It’s not life changing, but I like it. I need to make time in there to read as well. Because quite frankly I love to lose myself in the world in the books. 

It gives you the time to turn your real life brain off and allow your mind to release into something else. It lets you get into the love story of Hazel Grace and Augustus and bond with them (possibly to the point of crying in public) You get to travel along with Harry Potter or worry about Rand Al’Thor in the Wheel of Time. 

Making time to let your mind wander to a new world is beneficial on levels I can’t even understand but appreciate. 

What is the one thing you’ve been letting slide that you miss and want back in your life? 

Until later. 

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One Response to Sunday Confessional

  1. peady says:

    Singing. I mean I do it all the time in one way or another, but I miss singing with people. I need a good old fashioned family reunion with a kitchen party!

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