Sunday Confessional: a note on Dad’s

Confession: being a Father is so much more than contributing to the DNA of a tiny human 

I have had two amazing examples of Fathers in my life. My Dad was larger than life to me as I grew up. Whether I knew it or not, he was the gold standard to which all boys needed to measure up to. 

Then Shawn came along. He was the one. He was the one I was to share my life with, and soon we ourselves had kids. 

Shawn is an amazing Father. Tough but fair and always the ‘superman’ to both his kids. 

Both my Dad and my kids Dad are super amazing men who shaped my life in all the best ways. I wouldn’t be who I am as an adult without my Dad; my kids wouldn’t be who they are without hubby. 

Love that circle. 

Happy Father’s Day. 

Until later. 

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