Sunday Confessional: on stress 

Confession: tomorrow my FIL is undergoing double bypass surgery 

Yup. That’s what’s been going on in my house over the past week or so. He had the heart attack a week and a half ago. Two blockages. 

It’s an interesting situation for me. I’m now, a year later, on the other side of this. Perspective in this situation is not a benefit. I don’t like knowing what he’s going to have to deal with post surgery. I don’t want to try and explain the after to them. 

Confession: I hate to see hubby going through this whole thing again. 

I’m watching him again making daily hospital trips. MIL doesn’t drive so we are arranging rides around hubby’s work schedule. 

What has been taking a back seat is our eating. Quite frankly we are letting the healthy eating slide and I saw the gym for the first time all week on Saturday morning. 

Confession: I need to get my ass in gear. 

I thought I was going to do the 5 and 10 at the Tartan Twosome in Sept at Maritime Race but I’m not prepared. I have til Aug 1st to switch that 10 to a 5. 

I don’t want to feel like I can’t do it but I worry that if I try the ten and come in last I won’t recover from it. What should I do??? 

So, I need your advice. Do I try the ten and accept coming in last? Or switch to the five? 

Until later. 

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