My Saturday in Pictures 

  I will never be bored with this or a sweaty selfie being my first picture on Saturdays 
  I’ve even become obsessed with always getting the same locker. 
  Then after I cleaned up it was time to go visit all my old friends at the bank (and Thing1’s SLOC needed upping) 
  The. I found this awesome keychain at Giant Robot, and that was the last good thing to happen. 
  This is me pissed off. This is me in the back of a 2016 Tuscon after having to find someone at the dealer to drive us home. My car broke down again, with the same thing that kept it in th shop for three months back in January. More on this later. 
  Once we managed to get to a “working” car we went back into town to pick up a few things:
  This was NOT one of those things (eeewwww it has tentacles in it)
  Now hubby, Thing2 and I are settled in for a Thor double feature. 
I need very much to calm down before Monday when I have to deal with my car. Chris Hemsworth will help hahaha. 

Until later. 

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