My Saturday in Pictures 

  So glad I took this; cause right after I got drenched to the skin when I got out of the car
  Come to Pride with your Mom she said; you’ll have fun she said. Yup Thing2 kinda hated me for a moment. 
  But we had an amazing time with an amazing Employer who drives home Pride everyday. 
  It’s just not Pride unless the Darkside of the Force shows its true colours 
  My Pride favourite moment with my favorite person. 
  Then as I dropped a friend off I saw this on a car and fell in love. Want. 
  Then we saw this and kinda cringed. Ick. 
Now we’re ordering in and relaxing for the night. 

Until later. 

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One Response to My Saturday in Pictures 

  1. peady says:

    You are so cute! The rainbow Storm Trooper is adorable!! 😁

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