Tuesday Touchpoint: can I be last?

So, there is every possibility that this September at Maritime Race Weekend, I may be dead last in both of my walks. The thought of it makes me sick. 

I get that in every race, someone has to be last. I never wanted it to be me. I have this fear that people will laugh and mock and point. I’m afraid the race will be over and people will leave before I finish. 

I know I’m not as prepared as I thought I would be. 

However, never once have I thought of pulling out, or not going. 

I love the bling, but I’m actually beginning to enjoy my other classes more than walking. Is that bad? Should I be more focused on walking? I mean I’m finding my motivation hard to maintain while walking. I always feel negative about it now. 

I’m rethinking my whole fitness focus, and I’m not sure where I want it to go yet. 


Until later. 

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