Sunday Confessional: best laid plans

Confession: I really think today I would have danced on stage with my Zumba Instructor. Except I am sick in bed. 

Confession: I’m honestly heart broken about it. 

I was so looking forward to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and do this. I was ready to take that leap and get my body confidence on. And yet my body decided it was better that I be home sick. 

I am literally pouting as I type this. 

I really need to get my ass back at it. I miss my classes. I miss the activity. I just have to get my normalcy back. All that’s been going on in my life has pulled me in so many directions. 

That changes this week. A week from today is my birthday and I think I’ve hatched a plan for what I want to do. More on that later. 

For now I’m going to curl up on my couch with my tissue and my Cape Breton blanket and my drugs and try to feel better. I have been listening to my Zumba music on my phone to kinda ‘feel’ like I was with them today. Next time. I swear. 

Until later. 

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