Sunday Confessional: to care is human 

Confession: I have a tendency to wear my heart on my sleeve. 

Thing2 laughs at me all the time when I end up in tears from watching a TV show. I am a highly emotional girly. 

So, when I saw Caring Counts pop up in my Facebook news feed I was intrigued. 

It was started by a business man here in Hali who wants to make them world a better place. However, the man needed help. 

How does one get help spreading the message that Caring Counts. Well, much like East Coast Lifestyle and Roots clothing was part of that answer. 

T shirts with an awesome logo or the simple words Caring Counts. 

Confession: pay it forward was a side benefit of the Caring Counts tee. 

I decided to pay it forward. Simple acts of kindness in random places makes everyone’s day better. 

So, if you can, buy a tee and spread the message. They are on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.  

Let’s start showing the world that Caring Counts!!!

That’s Adam, the man behind the movement!!!!!
Until later. 

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