Tuesday Touchpoint: a good day unraveled 

  So, this was the face of a gi having a good day. 
I got up, ate breakfast, and got to Body Combat class. I was a bit thrown but I think the combo of humidity and heat made today’s class unusually hard. 

I mean, I couldn’t breathe right and my heart felt as though it would thud right out of my chest. I’m sure it looked like I was struggling. 

But I got through it. I fought for it. I finished that while class, where the old me would have left the class with my tail tucked between my legs. 

That was the last of the good day mojo. I must have been too eager and used it all. 

Right after the picture above was taken, I started feeling ‘not right’. It got worse. Then came the stabbing left side pain started. The Miren IUD is wreaking havoc on my body. 

Coupled with the pain came the aggravation; at everything & everybody. 

Tomorrow has to be a better day. Right!?

Until Later. 

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