Wednesday Wisdoms 


I had a really great friend visit me the other day. She had her three year old with her, and a few times I heard her say to him “you can, do not use that word”

She explained to me that he had taken up saying ‘I can’t’ when she asked him to do things. He had picked it up from another little boy at a party. It’s not a word she uses at home and you could see her frustration when he used it to stop doing good behaviours. 

What an aha moment. We aren’t born knowing can’t. We are born with possibility, and we LEARN can’t.  

It suddenly builds doubt and we can never unlearn doubt. 

It takes the rest of your life to fight against that doubt and relearn I CAN. 

Seems sad until you realize the power of I CAN was never gone. Just hiding. 

Let it out! Find it and use it. 


Until later. 


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