Sunday Confessional: choices

Confession: I think I like the gym

I know, everyone who knows me and reads this will be shocked. 

Since starting my new job that allows me to get to three awesome classes a week, I have found a liking for the gym. I still abhor the treadmill, even more so now. I am not cleared for lifting. My surgeon doesn’t want me to put my body at any undue risk, so still no kore than 10-12 lbs at most. 

However, most of you know I have ‘fat girl in the room’ issues when it comes to group classes;  save Zumba. I have tried many, I have liked until recently only one. 

I think it is NOT all the class either. I have found two AMAZING instructors in Nicole MacDormand and Elaine Fitzgerald-Muise at the Penhorn GoodLife. They never seem to see me as the ‘fat girl’ and are always encouraging and supportive.

What I am uber pleased about are the other people in class. 

Confession: going to a group class is like going to Chruch. Everyone has their ‘spot’

I may not know names but there is a friendliness between all the ‘regulars’ that we notice when one isn’t there (aside from no one standing in their spot) these groups of women (most of whom take all three classes too) seem to accept me as I am also with no judgement. 

I spend a lot of my class time in between two pillars avoiding seeing a glimpse of my self in the mirrors and no one says anything. 

Confession: I long for the day I feel confident enough to stand at the front during Zumba class. Maybe one day. 

This group class experience at this GoodLife has changed my mind about taking the classes. I’d rather spend 60min doing Body Combat than on the treadmill any day. 

This is now where my choices lie.

Walking has become an issue for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to walk outdoors,but treadmill is not my friend. However, recently both have become painful. Almost too painful to do it. My left sciatic nerve has been really bothering me. 

Oddly, it’s very manageable during Zumba and Body Combat, but when I’m walking it’s pain that makes me limp. My new job had me very much sedentary (I’m sitting all the time) and I’m really trying to combat that by standing up and pacing back and forth. 

I think I want to focus more on the classes than the walking going forward. It manages to stretch out the sciatic nerve and gets me covered in sweat and possibly finding a strength training regime that doesn’t put my sternum at risk as per DrB’s orders. 

Is it doable? Can I really make the choice to ease off the walking for a while to focus on the gym??

Until later. 

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