Wednesday Wisdoms: all the small things

It can be the small things that count. Pennies add up once you count them. 

Do we always notice the small things? Like a freshly dressed salad when you come home from work. Like a giggle with a friend over silly things. 

To a customer who you help and laugh with and they hang up and you hear them say to someone I. The room with them how awesome ‘she’ was.

Small things can mean more than grand gestures. I have never been that person who needs the ‘show’. I need the blankets and pillows set up how I like them when I come to bed. 

I love doing the small things. Like simply telling someone they make your day. Smiling and saying good morning to a random stranger. 

Now I have a hard time focusing on MY small things. Drinking my water. Making good food choices. Just simply making the choice to be active. 

So to those who do small things for me I want to send my love and appreciation and know I pay them forward. 

Until later. 

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