My Saturday in Pictures

  It’s my last Saturday selfie in the Booger!! 
  Next Saturday selfies will be taken in a new baby
  I’m such a geek girl, I want one! But then I’d be stuck in my house not being able to blink!
  It’s always a fun day at Giant Robot Comics. Darrell is awesome. You all MUST go for a visit!!!
  Out to lunch before the ‘big shop’
  Let the trying on begin
  And this is how I passed the time
  I will not confirm or deny my love of this mug. I bought tea, Shawn put his foot down; today. It will be mine. One day. Hahaha
  Thankfully we didn’t have Michael with us; well he could have been but we wouldn’t be able to find him back there LOL. Shopping trip successful. 

  Settle in now for a double feature; Mama Mia and Rock of Ages. 
Until later. 

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