Tuesday Touchpoint

  Some days it’s easier to read this quote and believe it than others. 
There has been a LOT of chatter over this whole Nicole Arbour Viral video. (I refuse to link to her as I could barely stand one minute of that ‘opinion’ video she posted.) 

It’s when I hear vile hate spewed from people that I completely give up on seeing the good in people. I have a hard time NOT hearing the judgement in people’s looks when I walk into the gym for Zumba class. 

It’s hard enough to harness my love of dance long enough to walk through the gym. Or to find the nerve to be ok about being last at both my races at Maritime Race Weekend despite everyone looking at me and passing judgement. 

Why do people like Nicole Arbour seem to have a louder ‘voice’ than those of Whitney Way Thore (whine I adore and just know we’d be BFF’s in a heartbeat)? 

Today my doubt is in full force. 

Until later. 

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