My Saturday in Pictures

  Did you know there’s a 5:30am on Saturday. It’s a real thing. 
  Flashback to last night where I completed the Sunset 5k at Maritime Race Weekend. 
  9 hours later, we are off again. What were we thinking 
  There is so much love for this girl. By my side the whole way with baby on board. 
  Pre race loving from my Team in Training family. 
  Loved this!! 
  Best. Race sign. Ever. 
  More TNT love at the water stop. 
  This was my moment this year. There was no judgment about having to downsize to 5k. So much love that I was overwhelmed. 
  Our finale! Love this girl!!!!
  Post race tasty treat!
  Then there were drugs and elevation. 
  The fixings for Ultimate Chicken Nachos. 
Now I’m tucked into bed with my hubby watching Rock of Ages. 

Tomorrow will be my post race blog. I’m still processing. 

Until later. 

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2 Responses to My Saturday in Pictures

  1. You did awesome this weekend! It was so nice to meet you in person!

  2. peady says:

    Sounds like a success to me!

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