Wednesday Wisdoms: how to deflect

I saw this on my Facebook feed recently, and it made me think (thanks Sparkpeople)

There are days when I’m just a glorious mess and I can’t help it let alone embrace it. 

There are other days when I know I’m a hot mess and I just don’t care. If you don’t like it feel free to look away. 

I do the best I can, some days. Others it’s a battle to get back home to my pj’s. There are days when I know full well I didn’t put my best effort forward, but pointing it out or revelling in it will only irritate me. Then you will have my wrath. I don’t have a lot of wrath, but I can only be pushed so far. 

No one should live their life hearing only ‘next times’ you need your own fair share of applause. 

I have amazing friends who are my light in this all. They are always there just when I need it most and I love them to the moon and back.

Do you embrace your glorious mess?

Until later. 

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